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Date: 03/18/2020
From: Kenoma (moc.liamg|semagcimonek#moc.liamg|semagcimonek)
To: ███████ (██████.███@scp-site235.cx)
Security: 🔒 Floxi Encryption (LETA)
Subject: [NO SUBJECT]
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It's me, KenomaKenoma! I would love to answer your questions!

I was never a good writer, to be honest. Still, I do enjoy writing sometimes, especially during the most boring times. I mostly read Wikipedia articles, religious texts and the works of H.P. Lovecraft.

I wrote my first SCP in 2017, but due to an incident, I had to deleted four of my first SCPs that I've written within one or two months. It was really sad. I resumed writing a few months later and managed to co-write an SCP article with ZynZyn, but after that, I stopped because of school.

It was only recently that I started writing again. Here are my current SCPs:

  • SCP-3131 (+100, 31 comments) created on 03 Sep 2017 06:50
  • SCP-4207 (+22, 6 comments) created on 09 May 2019 02:39
  • SCP-4381 (+50, 15 comments) created on 11 Oct 2019 11:17
  • SCP-4607 (+49, 5 comments) created on 16 Oct 2019 05:53
  • SCP-5201 (+59, 11 comments) created on 06 Mar 2020 05:06

Uncontained: An SCP Card game and its expansions

Now, I'm a game designer and developer. I've been making games for more than two years now. I worked on an SCP Card Game titled "Uncontained". It's a project I've worked on with a few people from Discord including Mooagain Mooagain for almost five months. Everything that you can visually see on the game is made by the awesome artist SINSEKAI, while the rest is mostly mechanically designed and expanded by me.

Anyways, thanks for taking the time to read my sad and miserable author page! :)

PS: I would love to work on more SCP games in the future. Feel free to chat me on Discord (Kenoma#2916) or PM me here. Check my itch page for the games I've made so far!

Talk to you soon,

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