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- SCP -

SCP-6173 - Art - The Origin -
Object Class: Keter
Written with ponhiroponhiro

SCP-6777 - Ichifuji Bakuu the Virtual Streamer
Object Class: Keter
Written with ratking666ratking666

SCP-5812 - The Punishment Boat
Object Class: Eparch

SCP-7103 - Statued
Object Class: Euclid
Written with AnAnomalousWriterAnAnomalousWriter

- Artwork -

Karathh's Cutout Page

About the Author


Icon made by MisharyMishary. Cool.

Handle: Karathhun/2001 (からすん/2001)

Wikidot Account: KarathhKarathh

Birthday: July 4th

Details: Japanese, registered as a member of EN in December 2018. Then registered as a member of the Japanese Branch in March of the following year.

Wrote SCP-2010-JP as the first positive-rating article in JP at the end of January 2020.

Won the Kimetama Contest 2020, a privately held contest in August 2020.

Wrote SCP-6173 with ponhiroponhiro as the first article in EN, at the end of May 2021.

Now active both at EN and JP. Planning to introduce not only the international SCPs to EN, but also the international GoIs and canons.

Active as "Karathh Uta" while outside the Wikidot.

Favorite Artist: Wotoha

Link: Twitter Instagram


Twitter: I'm usually here. Critique OK, Drawings for the article is sometimes OK.

JP Branch Discord: I check here everyday, so I can respond. Critique OK, Drawings for the article is sometimes OK.

Wikidot PM: I don't prefer because it's kinda hard to use.

SCP Declassified Discord: Mostly silent, but I'll reply if you called me.

IRC: I'm not there.

Telepathy: No.

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