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Nothing cute or clever here. Just a list of my works for the wiki for those inclined.

Sometimes I post things related to the site on my Twitter feed, @KalininSCP. Follow me if you can't get enough of my charm.


SCP Articles

SCP-001 - Past and Future

SCP-186 - To End All Wars
SCP-255 - Base Eleven Disorder
SCP-356 - Autointerrogation
SCP-480 - Recurring Nightmare Field
SCP-518 - The Transinformational Tomb of Asa Rutledge
SCP-655 - Biological Disinformation Campaign
SCP-736 - The Iapetus Anomaly
SCP-986 - Faulkner's Last Manuscript

SCP-1097 - Liquefied Empath
SCP-1166 - Perfect Lab Specimen
SCP-1229 - Thirty-Seven Films Starring Lana Neal
SCP-1377 - Automaton Parliament
SCP-1484 - Murder Diary
SCP-1538 - Instructions to a Twin-Screw Extruder
SCP-1659 - Directorate K
SCP-1709 - Human Fetus Composite
SCP-1840 - A Persistent Corpse
SCP-1984 - Dead Hand

SCP-2003 - Preferred Option
SCP-2188 - Life and Times of Joaquín Pablo Izquierdo de San Felipe
SCP-2275 - Where Muses Go
SCP-2303 - Tower of Silence
SCP-2474 - Irnini Mons
SCP-2529 - Rest in Peace
SCP-2669 - Khevtuul 1
SCP-2798 - This Dying World
SCP-2888 - Again and Again and Again
SCP-2911 - Mikio, a Fisherman

SCP-3084 - Seven Strangers at a Feast
SCP-3188 - This Man Must Die
SCP-3977 - Hawaiian Punch

SCP-HR009-J - Eye-Grabbing Clickbait Title


And Again
Dimensions 2, 3, and Onward
Faith of the Foundation
Guiser's Night
I, Autarch
Labyrinth's End
Lana Neal Sings the Blues
Pseudohistorical Mischief
Stars Over Misty Veil
Strangers of Site-17: 105
Strangers of Site-17: 343
Strangers of Site-17: Hayakawa

Tales for The Coldest War Canon

Tales for the Learning the Alphabet Series


Metacritique 1: The Critic's Duty
Metacritique 2: Anomalous Art

The Manistique Broadcast

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