Kaldahl's Site-77 Gift Shop
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Dr. Taylor Kaldahl, Safety Director and Gift Shop Manager at Site-77, at your service.

If you're worried about the next anomaly to breach and how it might impact your family and loved ones- just call my desk on the Site-77 directory available on our

Well, if you're browsing my profile you're probably looking to talk about my questionable status as reported by the Pataphysics department, the subject of many media questions, or you're looking to learn about the Site-77 gift shop.

Sadly I can't talk about the whole Pataphysics thing, PROJECT ICEBOARD RADIATOR will not be spoiled by me, you'll have to wait to see it like everybody else. But here's a little hint- they call me the "Coldpost King" around here. I suppose it's better that I don't remember writing all that documentation.

Second, the Site-77 gift shop. Well, first is our most popular seller, my collection of articles on KEEPING YOUR FAMILY SAFE. It's really called THE S IN SCP but of course, Dr. Randazzo told me it was more like SELL, CLICKBAIT, PROFIT! and it fucking stuck with my coworkers. So here it is, for just €14.99 the series can be yours. I swear I'm giving good advice…

Sell, Clickbait, Profit
by DrKaldahlDrKaldahl

"It's not like the lizard is comin' down the chimney with old Saint Nick!"

Sell, Clickbait, Profit 2: Skip Game
by DrKaldahlDrKaldahl

"Is YOUR CHILD at risk of a taste-based cognitohazard?" (Pt. 2 of Sell, Clickbait, Profit)

Next is my in-depth breakdown of former Group of Interest The Serpent's Hand. For just €7.99 you can learn the history of those who were fighting the veil long before Korea. And how they put a fucking cognitohazard in my coffee, but that's another story.

And also this ominous warning that made itself to my desk:

Then of course my documentation of a spatial anomaly allowing us to see the world of the "quiet days":

And of course, you can also grab a free Funni Peanut Plush for your child with the purchase of one of my books.

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