Kain Pathos Crow's Author Page
"I can hardly approve of that"

Name: Professor █████ ████████

Codename: "Kain Pathos Crow".

Security Clearance Level: Variable. Most recently a Level 4 cleared operative.

Facility Location: Bio-Research Area-12

History: Born in 19██ in ████, Kain graduated with honors in biochemistry, advanced robotics, and psychology, in the University of ██████ in 19██. He was approached by the Foundation later on in the same year. Since then he had done several post research reports on numerous SCP.

His most notable exploit was [DATA EXPUNGED], in which he was turned into a dog.

Since then, he has avoided being terminated no less than four times, despite being in several situations that warrant an immediate termination, each time somehow either appealing to high command, or displaying invaluable (and irretrievable) knowledge. As a direct result, he is under constant monitoring, and is disallowed any unwatched or longterm contact with the outside world.

He has since become one of the chief librarians on the Foundations Staff, maintaining and updating the library quite regularly.

He has also set up a notebook, similar in style to Dr. Snorlison.

Crow's Note's and "To Do List"

Has written reports on the following SCP:

Has written the following extra curricular reports.

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