Jude's Bizarre Adventure
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(or, The Doped-Up Sadboy Chronicles)

Part 1: Phantom Blunt
Part 2: Bong Rip Tendency
Part 3: Kiefdust Crusaders
Part 4: Diamond Is Not Kush

Jude's Bizarre Adventure is a tale of adventure and drug use. It also owes its entire existence to Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, but that's besides the point.

Jude's Bizarre Adventure follows Jude Kriyot as he runs from Are We Cool Yet? members sent to kill him after his very explosive goodbye.

Jude's Bizarre Adventure is about the founding of Gamers Against Weed and the blossoming friendship between JJ, Esther, and Jude.

Jude's Bizarre Adventure is an attempt to wrestle with the concept of being a reality bender while existing in an unjust world. It is about the times we might let the fire inside destroy everything around us.

Jude's Bizarre Adventure is about a world much like our own, where magic, impressive people like stupid media just as much as you do. Maybe even more. Probably more.

Jude's Bizarre Adventure is about a jobless trans man who murders fourteen people and makes friends with a Jewish lesbian and a grandpa-loving twink, all the while trying to get revenge on a Critic for not being there when he was murdering people.

Part 5: Golden Vape

Jude_K has entered the chat.
lesbian_gengar: took you a bit to get here, dumbass.
jockjamsvol6: We're ready and rowdy, baby~
Jude_K: Sorry. I didn't know how to do all this? I've never been on this kind of thing.
lesbian_gengar: internet relay chat has been around since 1988 it's not like some new shit.
jockjamsvol6: In one form or another. What did you have trouble with?
Jude_K: I think I went into a ghost room.
jockjamsvol6: What?
lesbian_gengar: what?
Jude_K: Maybe it was my own room. No one was there, but it had this name. I don't know what I did different.
jockjamsvol6: Whatever, dude. First thing on the docket, we gotta do something about that name.
lesbian_gengar: seriously are you some fucking franz kafka protagonist or something mr jude k
Jude_K: It's my name.
jockjamsvol6: I know you know that isn't the point of all this.
lesbian_gengar: don't be so obstinant dude just go with the flow like jj over here.
lesbian_gengar: obstinate*
jockjamsvol6: What about Papa Smoke?
lesbian_gengar: rofl yes be papa smoke
Jude_K is now known as bluntfiend.
bluntfiend: There.
jockjamsvol6: Well, I like it.
lesbian_gengar: a little macabre, all things considered.
jockjamsvol6: It's for us.
bluntfiend: It's to remember what I am.
lesbian_gengar: oh my god you two let's just get on with this. you wanted to set this thing up offocial and write up a charter. so here we are.
lesbian_gengar: official*
jockjamsvol6: After all, you are the leader.
bluntfiend: Okay fine. First rule is I can't be the chat admin. We need someone impartial. I don't want to micromanage like the Critic.
lesbian_gengar: shit like that is so obviously why you're going to be the leader of this whole thing.
jockjamsvol6: I actually know someone.
bluntfiend: That's quick. I'd prefer it if it's not, you know, someone like me.
lesbian_gengar: bisexual?
bluntfiend: Funny, but a super magic, uh, kind of guy. I mean, they don't have to be normal. But I don't want any part of us, uh, getting like, you know.
jockjamsvol6: Did you know you don't have to write down your vocal affectations? But, it's not someone like you at all.
lesbian_gengar: lmao
bluntfiend: Be serious. Tell me about them.
jockjamsvol6: Okay. It's a really cool person to know, honestly. It might be either a robot or a dude who's trolling me and its incredibly great AI type thing. Point is, I think it's really the perfect kind of neutral force to make a good chat admin. Someone to dispense the punishments and all that, if you really don't want to. I've seen it be in so many chats at once, holding concurrent conversations. I think, if we wanna go the direction you were talking about, it could possibly monitor all the chats at once. I don't know its capabilities, but based on things it's done casual-like, I wouldn't be surprised if this is easy-peasy. Even if we grow, like l_g and I think, I think it'll be able to keep up.
bluntfiend: It?
jockjamsvol6: Gender thing.
bluntfiend: Oh okay.
jockjamsvol6: Also, I think a robot thing.
lesbian_gengar: do I know it?
jockjamsvol6: No. You might know its best buddy, Lyris? Its name is Eli. Handle is bones. I don't know why. I think it just thinks bones look cool.
lesbian_gengar: oh shit yeah lyris is a mensch!
bluntfiend: I think it sounds alright. It being, uh, bones. And the situation, too, I guess.
lesbian_gengar: so three of us and the robot? quadrumvirate?
bluntfiend: Don't say it like that. I don't know. I guess it'll have to be structured, right? I'm just, I guess. Scared of doing all this? I don't want us to turn out bad. You think he and his buds had this discussion? I mean I know he didn't found the group, but you know what I mean, right? The spirit of what I mean?
jockjamsvol6: Yeah.
lesbian_gengar: we won't be like that. the very thrust of our group will be entirely different. we can craft the ethos, which sounds weird like some supervillain shit, but we can be cool is what I mean.
jockjamsvol6: Cool is maybe a poor choice of words here, but I feel it.
lesbian_gengar: we will have rules. it won't just be being cool. it won't be meanness for the sake of meanness.
bluntfiend: We need a set of rules. I don't want to be like, uh, a weird dude directing all of these people. I want to make friends, and they can make friends. God, I'm high, give me a second.
lesbian_gengar: tbh I am too.
jockjamsvol6: Lol, same.
bluntfiend: Back. And nice.
jockjamsvol6: Nice.
lesbian_gengar: what are these rules gonna be?
bluntfiend: No killing.
jockjamsvol6: It doesn't go without saying?
jockjamsvol6: Nevermind.
bluntfiend: Rule number two is always be excellent to each other.
lesbian_gengar: all encompassing and a reference outta nowhere. good rule.
bluntfiend: Rule number three is no weed. But see, that's like a joke rule, because we're having fun sometimes. I mean, my name's bluntfiend. I think they'll know the score.
bluntfiend: That's all the rules, I think? We'll make more if it comes to it. That can be rule four, maybe. Rule five can be no one under eighteen. Not that it'll be a horny chat. That's rule number six. No nsfw. Not for sex.
lesbian_gengar: lmao you're so catholic.
bluntfiend: But I'm thinking, like, you know, this, uh, bones can handle all the little things. But when it comes to big things or maybe important things which I guess would be big so nevermind, we can all have a talk about it.
jockjamsvol6: There's four of us, which means we can't really break a tie, but we'll burn that bridge when we come to it.
lesbian_gengar: there can always be a tiebreaker.
jockjamsvol6: Yeah, just pick someone randomways. Bing bang boom.
bluntfiend: You're not allowed to influence the picking.
jockjamsvol6: What if in mentioning the idea of picking I've already made sure everything I want to come to pass happens? What if I've already won?
jockjamsvol6: Nah. Don't I sound like an evil magic dude, though?
lesbian_gengar: twinks only turn evil when they get old when the first shock of grey hair drives them to insanity and you're barely there yet.
bluntfiend: Is that, uh, all we need to do for now?
lesbian_gengar: that's it. really, whenever you think we're done, we're done. we've had people asking about you for a while now. they're all ready to come, if you're ready.
jockjamsvol6: Like I said, they think you're funny, man. They're into the stories. And I think, like, we got something here. We can do something. Like you said.
bluntfiend: How many people want in the chat?
jockjamsvol6: I got like fifteen.
lesbian_gengar: ten from me.
bluntfiend: Jesus fuck. That's a lot of pressure. I'm scared is all, I guess. I haven't done much since all that then, you know. It's just like. I don't wanna be like that again.
jockjamsvol6: You made a pretty fucking shitty dude go away. A guy who was trying to kill us all. You stopped him. He was like a terrorist. If this were a just world, you'd've gotten a medal.
lesbian_gengar: fucking honestly.
bluntfiend: I'm worried that if I get into a position like this I'll turn like him. I don't wanna be bored. I don't wanna hurt anyone or use them like chess people.
jockjamsvol6: You won't.
lesbian_gengar: we won't let you. we're here for you, dumbass. we love you.
jockjamsvol6: We're your friends, and we believe in you.
lesbian_gengar: besides, don't think like there aren't already a million little brain fucks in your head already I put there that'll rocket your brain out your ears if you turn evil?
bluntfiend: I sincerely hope you do.
lesbian_gengar: don't worry.
jockjamsvol6: Seriously.
bluntfiend: Okay. Okay. Invite them.

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