Jot It Down
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Today I messed up Dr. Smiley’s office. He yelled a lot and started going “bang, bang”, but he didn’t get me: he’s so funny when he’s loud. Then I went to the cafeteria and the cooks gave me something tasty. They always give me something tasty when I make my cute face.

Slept today. Woke up to eat, then slept some more.

Woken up by lots of loud banging outside today. Everyone was running around, saying that some Big Thing was going on. I hid under Dr. Boring’s desk until they were quiet. Big Things are so stupid: They make lots of noise and wake me up. Someone should put the Big Things outside in the rain and not give them any dinner. That will make them quiet.

Played with Little Dr. Lady today. She was nice, but then she smelled funny, and Big Dr. Lady came and took her away. But then she came back, and we ran around Dr. Lady’s office. Then we slept on the floor. It was nice.

Slept today.

I saw Dr. Dog today. I don’t like Dr. Dog. I was going to tell him to go away, but he had his clunky-walk-thing, and it could squish me. So I just gave him my “evil glare”. I hope it scared him away for good, because I do not want to be squished.

I went to visit the sleeping men today. It was quiet. The sleeping men who weren’t sleeping were nice to me. They like it when I’m there. Some of the sleeping men I visited last time weren’t there. I don’t know where they’ve gone. I miss them.

A new man walked came into office today. Not Dr. Smiley, or Dr. Boring, or Dr. Dog, or Dr. Grumpy, or Dr. Lady. I will call him Dr. New. He looked nice, so I went and visited him. He jumped high in the air and shouted: “THAT CAT HAS NO ASS! WHERE IS THAT CAT’S ASS!?”

He startled me, so I clawed his leg. I don’t like Dr. New.

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