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Here are Object Class icons made entirely by myself , There are normal classes such as Keter and Safe besides Esoteric Classes .

Personally, I don't think these icons are suitable for ACS, just have a look1 : First , I didn't make these icons' background transparent ; Second , there are already more excellent people who have made them before me , look at HERE and HERE2——I will welcome it very much if you really want to use them , but it may be very troublesome.

All the icons on this page comply with CC-BY-SA 3.0 protocol. You don't have to tell me to take the pictures, just indicate them (as if someone really will use them

If you have any criticism or improvement suggestions, you can post me in wiki private letter or discussion forum .

I will probably update this page from time to time and add something new. After all, there are still a lot of Classes .

If you want me to make a LOGO (not necessarily with a Classes Icon), you can post me by wiki private letter or discussion forum. My QQ account number is 3328097699 , In order to distinguish, please indicate your wiki ID in the remarks, of course, I may not be online often .

Welcome to use them

Code is copy from Kcorena .

Item # Object Class Description Icons
001 Ignosi Item's discovery, even by the Foundation, must be prevented. U3d2CQ.jpg
002 Yesod Item has been integrated into the Foundation's command structure. Yesod
003 Archon Item is able to be contained but ought not to be. Archon
004 Hera Item is hostile but very useful to the Foundation. Hera
005 Uncontained Item has not been contained. Uncontained
006 Keter Item is very hard to contain. Keter
007 Apollyon*1 Item is uncontainable and actively causing the end of the world. U3d4uq.jpg
008 Apollyon*2 Item is uncontainable and actively causing the end of the world.3 U3d5D0.png
009 Tichonderoga Item cannot be contained but does not need to be contained. Ticonderoga
010 Explained Item is commonly article about anomalous that is completely and fully understood to the point where its effect is now explainable by mainstream science or phenomena that have been debunked or falsely mistaken as an anomaly. Explained
011 Drygioni Item is currently under an official investigation for authenticity by the Overseer Council. U3dBut.png
012 Gevurah Item endangers the inner structure of the Foundation and limits the ability of the Foundation to carry out its secondary objectives. Gevurah
013 Eparch Item is non-anomalous but related to the anomalous. Eparch
014 Safe Item is easy to contain. U3ahTO.png
015 Decommissioned Item has been intentionally destroyed or deanomalized by the Foundation. Decommissioned
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