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This is an "art" page, at least for a loose definition of "Art". People seem to like them though. I blame HarryBlankHarryBlank, I read through his globe trotting adventure and thought "Those Site Insignia are pretty cool, I wish every Site had one." Next thing you know he's sent me the template and I develop a new obsession - do check out the Blank Canvas for more of these. Translating The German Sites Page was another inspiration, although the German Site Insignia are more coat-of-arms while mine are much simpler flags/logos - I wanted them to work even at quite a small size.

I've done a few other things now, although it's always more image editing than image creation. I do take requests (or volunteer myself) to make art for new additions to the secure-facility-locations page, but I generally ask to see the Description or Secure Facility Dossier first.

Additional thanks to everyone who offered feedback on these, and to everyone who created and uploaded the art I use. Please do suggest improvements, I'm very new to this and so I'm sure there are things I could do better. I relied heavily on public domain images, mostly flags from wikipedia, so even though I don't actually have to attribute them I'm going to anyway, to show you where my inspiration comes from.

Now, The Serpent



Done a few of these now for various locations.

Groups of Interest

Only one of these so far.

English Language Facilities

I like the idea of having a very simple and consistent template for simple insignia, that's not to say that I dislike the more detailed logos for Site-43, Site-87 and Site-120, just that I see this as a flag vs. seal/coat of arms distinction - mine are designed to be immediately recognisable even at small size, which is why I've avoided text as much as possible and heavily based these on state/national flags.
(But why must so many US flags be nothing but an S.O.B? If you want a cool logo, make your Site in Chicago or Amsterdam!)

Map of Foundation Facilities

Site Insignia

Area Insignia

Wanted to give these a distinctive outline to distinguish them from sites, I don't like the way that having an A in front of or above the number looks.


Insignia made for Facilities debuting in this contest.

International Facilities

Map of International Branches and Facilities

Secure Facilities of the Lusophone Foundation

Just made these for fun, Portuguese-speaking countries have great national and regional flags. Based the outline on L200L200's designs for Site and Area symbols, to make them look more distinct from the EN insignia.

Site Insignia

Area Insignia

Spanish Branch Sites

Using the same numbering system as the Parent Foundation

Secure Facilities of the Facility-57 (I-57) Canon

In the I-57 Canon, the Latin-American Regional Council refers to its Sites as Instalaciones, translated to Facilities (which means the canon gets called I-57 or F-57, in reference to the main facility in the canon). I made these based on existing line art by Dc_YerkoDc_Yerko and AlmardukAlmarduk, giving them their own unique border and color scheme based on the country they're located in.

Secure Facilities of the French Branch

The French Branch operates Facilities around the world, assigning each with a Hebrew Letter rather than a number. Based on the Francophone Logo created by EstrellaYoshteEstrellaYoshte.

Site Insignia

Area Insignia

Polish Branch

I've done a couple of these, based the same template used by ZygardZygard for the Site-PL-69 logo.

Facilities of the ZH Branch

Numbered versions of designs by Dr V ValentineDr V Valentine with the colors of the ZH-TR logo by the same artist, taken from the ZH Sites Page. Site-ZH-31 design by prtp14prtp14, my design improved by Mang GwanMang Gwan

Site Insignia

Using the Insignia

If you'd like to use these anywhere, for anything, then you can. Just link back here when citing your sources, it'll be great for my ratings. Feel free to use the following code to edit the header (for default Sigma-9, Blankstyle and Black Highlighter, may not work for others).

In case anyone's curious, I can imagine these existing in-universe, probably created by each Site and maybe used in a semi-official manner to help people keep track of which number is which. You can see this as a fun way to promote a sense of Site identity and solidarity while doing the Foundation's difficult but necessary work, or you can see it as a cynical ploy to promote a pseudo-nationalistic sense of unity. Or both. Up to you.

If you would like me to make an insignia for another Site or Area, I’ll probably do it, but only if you can give me a decent description so that it can be added to the Secure Facilities Locations list once it meets the requirements.

Making Your Own

If you would like to make your own version of these insignia, feel free to download and edit the various svg files - template-site and template-area have everything you need to get started, but you're welcome to start with a complete logo if that helps. I created all of them in Inkscape (because it's free) but other image editing software will also work. You may need to also download the Bungee font for the text, but that's also free.

I'd recommend converting the text into a "path" (if you keep it as text the font may not work in certain browsers) then uploading it to the web as an optimised svg file. This will give you better resolution than a png with a much smaller file size (most of the time - if the svg file is larger, it's probably due to shapes or embedded images that can be simplified without any loss of resolution). Good luck, and remember that all of your questions can usually be answered by Google, that's how I learned this stuff!

When designing a Facility icon, I recommend that you follow the Principles of Good Flag design and don't make it too complicated - a really intricate design may look great at high resolution, but it won't work when scaled down. For further education/entertainment, listen to the dulcet tones of Roman Mars.

Of course, I have broken all of these principles at one point or another while making these insignia, but generally the closer I stick to them the happier I am with the result - my favourite work on this page is generally the designs that were the easiest to do. That's not to say you can't create a more intricate design, just keep in mind the scale you want it to work at. I think the main point to emphasise is the use of meaningful symbolism - the colors and symbols chosen should reflect the Site's location, function, or ideally both.

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