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Now, The Serpent

  1. More Cunning Than Any Beast
  2. You Shall Not Die
  3. Your Eyes Shall Be Opened
  4. Become Like God
  5. Knowing Good And Evil

Other Original Articles

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The Emperor of Many Voices 07 Nov 2021 Dr OreDr Ore and slashannemooslashannemoo
Re: KTO-1466-Houdini "Mages Academy" 11 Feb 2022 Einer von RabeEiner von Rabe and NykacolaquantumNykacolaquantum

Translations from German

There are more on INT, but I may see if I can bring more of these to EN. If you have any questions about these articles, you're probably better off contacting someone on the German (DE) branch. Most of them speak excellent English - far better than my German!

Article Posted on INT Posted on EN Author
SCP-208-DE - St. Caesarius Hospital (INT) (DE) 26 Sep 2021 07 May 2022 AllnytaAllnyta

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