Agent Mockery's Personnel File
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Agent Mockery.

Name: Jak W████████ Urquhart

Codename: Agent "Mockery"

Date of birth: May 1st, 20██

Security Clearance Level: 4

Occupation: Field Agent, Undercover Agent

Current Assignments: [DATA EXPUNGED]

History: Agent Jak 'Mockery" Urquhart was a theatre actor and private investigator/homicide detective in his home city of ████████, Australia. Agent Mockery first came to Foundation attention when he successfully investigated and unveiled various criminals, some anomalous in nature. Foundation operatives embedded in the local police force later met with Agent Mockery and, for his outstanding commitment, offered him a position as a field agent within the Foundation; a position that he accepted after lengthy consideration.

Agent Mockery specialises in homicide investigation and undercover field work. His unique range and characterisation as an actor have fooled many persons and groups of interest. He joined Mobile Task Force Iota-10 ("Damn Feds") after temporary MTF duty, and has since received various covert assignments.

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