Jack Of Diamonds
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I suppose you're wondering why I do it? Why I did it? Why we all… I'm sorry. It just hurts, you see. But it'll be better soon, I'm sure.

She was special. Oh, they're all special. But this last one… she was different. Her eyes, they gleamed. Her smile, it made me think of angels. I knew, knew she would take my special gift, and maybe more. The others had been alright, but this one…

I met her in Bangkok. We were playing… I don't remember what we were playing. I barely knew the rules. We had been randomly matched as team mates, versus these two ugly cross dressers. Despite my disadvantage, we kept winning, hand after hand. Eventually, we introduced ourselves to each other. Turned out her name was Jacqueline. I couldn't help but laugh. "Bet this is the first time two Jacks beat a pair of Queens!" She laughed. Even the old man dealing the cards laughed. It was love!

Well, from my end, it was love. From her end… I had to fight, to get her attention. She was so beautiful. I've never been much of a fan of Asians, y'know, despite being stuck over here. But everyone knew how beautiful she was. She could walk down a street in a burlap sack, and heads would turn. Gorgeous, long black tresses, beautiful emerald eyes. She had dozens of male suitors.

I just kept coming back. Made sure I was there when she needed me. Some of my friends, those who do what I do, they just rush things. Y'know? Jump a girl, do what they want, and leave. That's not for me. There's gotta be some emotion there, there's gotta be some kind of love. She felt the same way.

Nine months, it took. Nine months of… dating? Yes, dating. After a while, she got used to me being there. Invited me to dinner. We talked, about so many things. Never once did she ask me back up to her place. She was a good girl, a clean girl. So very, very clean.

Nine months, and that's when she did me the honor. She told me she thought we were finally close enough, that she knew me well enough to trust me. They always trust me, in the end. I've done it so many times…

So there we were, naked before each other, touching, kissing, caressing, and the things she did to me… She barely had to touch me, y'know? She could just look at me, and sigh, and it was, orgasmic. But we fucked too. Fucked EVERYWHERE! I came, and came again, and she… enjoyed herself. In the end, there we were, laying on the bed, and I was ready to do my thing, when she starts moaning on top of me. I'm used to girls moaning, but she just… it wasn't sexual. It was like what we were doing hurt, but she couldn't stop it. I reached out, and she caught my hands. So strong, I think I still have bruises. Then her entire body tensed, locking me down hard inside her.

That's when I felt it crawling inside me. However she does what she does, it crawled right down my shaft. Hurt like a bugger, like I was being torn apart from the inside, like what I had wanted to do to her. I screamed. Heaven help me, I screamed like a little girl, and passed out.

When I woke up, she'd left me a message. Told me I was going to be a father. I can feel them, now, you know. All three of my sweet little babies, crawling around inside a sac in my belly. They're getting so big. Doc says they're healthy, eight limbs and all. Gonna rip their way out of their daddy soon, yes they are. I'm proud to be my little babies' first meal.

Hey. I won't be around to raise them. Take care of my girls, would you?

██/██/2011 SCP-952-Gamma 1, 2, and 3 taken into Foundation custody. Agents in Asia are to be on the lookout for SCP-952-Gamma, using the alias 'Jackie of Diamonds.'

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