Jack Waltz's Page in Existence
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Most likely me, taken many decades ago. Oh, how I long for those days again…

Hello, I am Jack. Jack Waltz.

Why am I here, you ask? Well, I'm not too sure myself. It's like I exist in this world, of smoke. I can feel nothing, the nothingness that exists around me. I know everything's there, and always will be, but… does it all really exist?

Where am I?

Why am I so old?

So ancient, all but a husk…

Imagine for a moment…

The infinite darkness, and the uncaring of the void.

The luxury of being able to simply, not care anymore.

Truly a virtue, man shall never reach.

How are you? I'm fine myself. It's been a long day, I'm kinda tired.

This is an author page I believe, I wonder what else I should put in it…

Got any ideas?

Can't think of anything myself.

Ehh… I'll just get this over with, and stop bothering ya.

Behold… my stuff (in order of creation)!

  1. SCP-6186 — All That’s Left of What Once Burned
    • Written by me, and thank you for the image Machen2Machen2!
  2. SCP-6047 — A Bride's Hand
    • Written by me and Machen2Machen2! It's a rewrite of one of CremoCremo's self-deleted articles, thank you for allowing us to rewrite it!
  3. PSA: Cognitohazards and You! — A tale set in the Broken Masquerade canon
  4. Jack Waltz's Page in Existence — Author page!
    • It might be my author page, but it's still something I made, right? Now that I think about it, is it possible for someone to co-author an author page? That'd be hilarious.2
  5. SCP-6447 — Symphony of the Wronged
  6. SCP-6501 — Held Back
    • A collaboration with MoreMuffinsMoreMuffins. It has a ghost in it for spooky month's sake.
  7. SCP-6989 — Clouds and Clouds, All Around
    • Something I dished out in a few hours after a long four-hour drive watching clouds. Special thanks to Machen2Machen2 for the amazing title and the final log, couldn't have made that without him!

These are my upcoming (possibly) and work-in-progress stuff, wanna take a peak? I apologise.

Anyways, thank you for looking at my author page! Hope ya liked it. Tune in at another time, there might be more stuff for your eyes to enjoy.

If anything grimdark happens to me, my respective co-authors get the pages we worked on and the rest shall be handed down to Machen2Machen2 and MoreMuffinsMoreMuffins, because they're really cool friends I've made here on this community. I hope nothing happens to me, but life's a fucking bitch so I'll expect the worst from her. Until then, have a great day (or night)!

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