Null Sum Proposal
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Item#: 001
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Special Containment Procedures

All testing on SCP-001 to confirm its anomalous properties is expressly forbidden.1

All efforts must be taken to ensure that SCP-001 cannot be exposed to any other mathematical anomalies under any circumstances, accidental or otherwise. To this effect, SCP-001 and all fragments of it must only be stored on dedicated, isolated databases that have never been used for any other purpose. Computers and/or servers that have been used to access or host information pertaining to other mathematical anomalies are expressly forbidden from interfacing with these dedicated servers.

All copies and fragments of SCP-001 outside of Foundation containment must be located and destroyed. The confiscation of all information regarding SCP-001 from GOI-4379 has been designated an Apollyon-level priority.


SCP-001 is a complex mathematical formula that uses the value of multiple physical and mathematical constants2 in conjunction with SCP-001-1 to calculate the value of SCP-001-2, an irrational number.3

SCP-001-1 is a semiohazardous4 element in SCP-001 which, in all versions of SCP-001 known to the Foundation, is already populated with a numerical value or formula that does not correspond to a physical or mathematical constant. The position of SCP-001-1, as well as its predefined value, is unknown.

Whenever the value of SCP-001-2 is calculated, baseline reality is retroactively altered such that:

  • The value of SCP-001-1 is, and always has been, true;
  • The value of SCP-001-2 is unchanged;
  • The value of all other mathematical and physical constants used in SCP-001 are altered to compensate for the above.5

This property only manifests if the only altered value is SCP-001-1. It is theorised that a successful activation of SCP-001 could be identified when an improbably large number of errors become apparent after SCP-001-2 is calculated, with the errors corresponding to the constants’ former values.

SCP-001, and all information regarding it, was acquired by the informant ‘Ulysses’ from GOI-4379, a previously-unidentified religious faction that is attempting to calculate an SCP-001-1 value which will result in the complete retroactive erasure of everything within SCP-001’s range of influence.


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