Noir Box Proposal
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5/001 LEVEL 5/001



Item #: SCP-001

Object Class: Keter

Threat Level: Black

Special Containment Procedures: An SCP-001 containment breach constitutes the initiation of a UZ-Class Grey Goo scenario, and the immediate redesignation of the anomaly as Apollyon Class.

SCP-001 is contained in its specialised containment chamber at Site-01. This containment chamber must be kept structurally sound at all times. No entryways are to be added to the containment chamber, nor are any extant ones to be opened under any circumstances.

No items, objects, and/or personnel are to be introduced into SCP-001’s containment chamber under any circumstances. No items, objects, and/or personnel introduced to SCP-001’s containment chamber are to be retrieved under any circumstances.

Any personnel attempting to retrieve any items, objects, and/or personnel from SCP-001’s containment chamber are to be immediately terminated, regardless of any and all former positions, accolades, and/or privileges as a member of the Foundation. Any personnel suspected of planning an attempt to retrieve any items, objects, and/or personnel from SCP-001’s containment chamber are to be immediately detained and removed from Site-01, with all privileges suspended pending further investigation.

Description: SCP-001 are the animate, deceased cadavers of a human.

All SCP-001 instances are superficially undergoing advanced putrefaction; no loss of mass has been observed for any SCP-001 instances, nor has shed mass built up within the containment chamber. SCP-001 instances roam their containment chamber in a manner mimicking the behaviours of a standard, living human.

SCP-001 instances interact with their environment anachronistically; they are capable of passing through any region of space that has, is, or (theoretically) will be unoccupied, regardless of whether or not the space is currently occupied;1 this property effectively enables SCP-001 instances to pass through any solid matter they predate or outlast.

SCP-001 instances constantly and erratically duplicate themselves, typically when performing tasks with multiple possible outcomes; in such cases, a new SCP-001 instance will manifest for each outcome. SCP-001 instances are also capable of recombining and will do so when two or more instances perform identical actions.

The anomalous properties of SCP-001 manifested when the individual was assassinated by an unidentified military group shortly prior to the formation of the Foundation. The founding High Command was successful in containing SCP-001 within its childhood bedroom2 before the anomaly replicated, enabling successful containment.

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