The Personnel File of Joseph Cooper

Legal Personnel Name: Joseph Cooper

Foundation Personnel Code: Choiwel

Position: Level 3 Theoretical Mathematics Anomaly Specialist1

Employee History: Choiwel was a NASA astronaut participating in the Endurance mission to Gargantua2 and its solid planets. Choiwel was found with less than 5% oxygen in his suit when recovered from Sol-side of the wormhole. He was then offered a Foundation research position on a planet Gargantua-side of the wormhole, which he accepted.

Choiwel conducts studies on known anomalies, and all of his research data is transmitted through the wormhole to him. He is given special access to the entire Foundation database3, and is actively analyzing data from a select few anomalies.

The following anomalies are those which Choiwel has documented himself and deemed significant enough to be inserted into the Foundation SCP database:

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