J. Candle's Personnel File

J. Candle at Containment Site-██

Name: J█████ Candle; known aliases "Yubi Shines," "Autem Mort."

Security Clearance Level: Level 3

Profession: On-Site Technician, Maintenance, Repair and Operations

Site of Operations: Office in Site-19. Travels as needed.

History: The diminutive J. Candle came to the Foundation's attention during the catastrophic containment breach of SCP-███, whereupon ██████ █████ was transformed into a glass desert. Given [DATA EXPUNGED], Candle was recruited to design and oversee construction of containment systems, as well as for general maintenance and repair.

Despite Candle's repeated threats to consume personnel when provoked, the technician is not, in fact, a cannibal.

SCP-486 - Coatlicue Skin
SCP-525 - Eye Spiders
SCP-568 - Dismemberment Strap

  • Memorandum
  • Sketches of personnel & specimens under study.

Note: Staff are reminded to stop coming to me when their door hinges get squeaky. Learn to use a screwdriver. Furthermore, stop stealing Skittles out of my desk. —Candle

Je veux les bonbons de Candle! —Glass

Je suis un pampelmousse! —Kulzn

Les deux au-dessus de moi sont des abrutis. —Bright

No habla francesca, por favor! Yo no habla francesca, compadres! —CarrionTrooper

That's some real skookum lookin pepah you kids got there, eh. —Ghost

Iste meus propositum erat. —Candle

Thikisik isik stikupikidik. Whikyik cikantik yikouik pikeopiklik usik nikormikalik amikerikikanik? —Clef

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