ItsDenali's Bison Box

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Yours truly.

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“You know the mantra, 'we die in the dark, so you may live in the light,' but sooner or later one of these behemoths will breach, and when that happens we won’t be able to stop it, and that "light" might go out forever."

"No iteration of this file is allowed on Site-17 servers at this time."

"Lilacs were always Ruta’s favorite."

"What is it about thirteen?"

"All Foundation personnel fall silent and look at each other perplexedly. Dr. Cade resumes eating his burrito."

"I’m putting an end to this… this invasion, one way or another."

"The past may be said and done, but there are lessons to be learnt, or at the very least memories to be treasured, and not even time can erase those."

"I'm sorry to break it to you but I do not know how to fix God."

"All you've ever needed."

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