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The following personnel file for esteemed SCP Wiki user Its a Bad IdeaIts a Bad Idea has been DECLASSIFIED.

All personnel should read at their leisure :)

SCP-5901 [] — World's Greatest Skeeball
Congratulations!!! New High Score! Please Enter Name…

SCP-5898 [] — Corn Belt (with OhnoniumOhnonium)
P.S. I'd take care of the Corn before the damn Crows show up.

SCP-5433 [] — Casanova
(SCP-5433 is silent. Its display is stuck on the words "Hot Stuff".)

SCP-6789 [] — Return. Return. Return. (with RallistonRalliston, TrotskyeetTrotskyeet)
I don't know what drove me to defile such a gift of nature. Greed, or fear. Or both.

SCP-6898 [] — Blue Hawaii
The existence of an imperceptible, anomalous ecology within Earth’s hydrosphere cannot be ruled out.

SCP-7900 [] — A Place to Drown in
It's been so long since he's seen the surface. I can't wait.

SCP-7470 [] — M is for Moonlight
[The presence is directly above him. The building's power cuts and the room is bathed in pale light.]


and that's all i wrote

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