Iteration F
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Keith's heart pounded with anticipation as he sat at the edge of the hotel bed. It had been a long and fulfilling night, but not quite over yet. He could hear Buck humming to himself in the shower, and imagined a shimmering wet Buck glistening under the hazy steam that enveloped his beautiful body.

The sound of water and humming came to an abrupt stop.

"Document type?" Keith heard Buck call out, his voice booming through the thin bathroom door.

"Request for addendum addition," Keith replied. "Target SCP?"

"SCP-1893," Buck said, as he opened the door with a towel around his waist, his body slightly steaming, water dripping from his tail and his horns. Keith stood up, his tail flickering with excitement. Keith always loved how this mountain of a man has such cute and short horns, unlike others that he has encountered.

"Addendum type?" Keith asked, as the two embraced. Keith leaned against the sturdy chest of his lover, feeling his every breath as he waited for Buck to reply.

Buck leaned down and whispered in Keith's ear in a low and seductive voice.

"Incident log."

Keith could barely contain his excitement as his hands slowly traveled down to Buck's muscular buttocks. Keith whispered back, "Addendum summary?"

"It is believed that during a routine system backup and file transfer, a mention of SCP-1893 was found within secondary material for Protocol Desert Grassroots for SCP-2547. This is believed to be a result of human clerical error; however, the possibility of a deliberate containment breach on the behalf of SCP-1893 has not been ruled out," Buck said, looking down as he stroked the soft fur on Keith's back and gently massaged his fluffy neck. "However, due to the nature of SCP-2547, many new previously-unknown effects of SCP-1893 have come to light. SCP-2547-1, whose existence is contingent upon the creation of new narratives, seem to have shared similar anomalous qualities with the entity known as SCP-1893. "

The lovers broke their embrace. As Keith turned towards the bed, Buck asked in a low voice, "Incident description?"

Keith turned around and took off his bathrobe slowly. "This cross-contamination of information-based anomalies is believed to be a result of human error. While very little is known about the origins and source of SCP-1893, it is unknown whether this is a deliberate breach on part of SCP-1893. All evidence points to SCP-1893 being non-sentient and incapable of altering anything other than its own narrative existence, and thus unable to breach containment on its own accord. "

Buck snorted in indignation; Keith could tell from his body language that he was holding something back, he did not want to get into an argument. Not tonight, at least. It's been so long since he had a companion.

Keith threw his robe towards a chair, but it fell to the ground with a rather unattractive flump. As he laid on the bed, Keith's heart pounded faster as he looked at the tower of a man in front of him: his sculpted chest, his well-toned abs, his sturdy, thick arms.

With a faint playful smile, Buck removed his towel and threw it next to the discarded bathrobes, revealing a pair of luscious balls and a glistening penis the size of a baseball bat. Buck turned around, and picked up a bottle of lube that had been sitting next to the television since last night.

"The newly created narratives between SCP-1893 and SCP-2547, narratives collectively now named Chalmers narratives, displayed many new previously unknown effects of both anomalies," Buck said, as he applied lube liberally on his penis. "As with other narratives in the original SCP-1893 file, any electronic message will be altered by the entity into a prose passage of variable length, tone, or content with certain constant qualities."

Keith whimpered slightly as Buck pulled on his tail rather roughly, and felt a gentle finger, cold and slippery, massage his private spot. Buck began to speak as he prepared his lover.

"One key difference in the Chalmers narratives is the role of SCP-1893. In original SCP-1893 narratives, the entity commonly present in SCP-1893 does not always take on an important role; depending on the "mood" of the entity, it may be highly violent and central, or merely exist in the background. In the Chalmers narratives, it almost always takes on a principal role, and in many cases is directly involved with actions in the plot." Keith is almost unable to speak, his breath growing heavy.

Almost involuntarily, Keith began stroking himself, feeling a wave of excitement build up in him. Buck continued, "Another key difference is the appearance of the SCP-1893 entity - while in previous narratives, the entity is described as a large, muscular man with horns tattooed on his forehead, the entity in Chalmers narratives now instead displays prominent bovine horns of indeterminate size. Other more prominent bovine characters are sometimes described; however, it is noted that the size of the bovine horns seem to have a positive correlation to the degree of sexual content present - meaning that the larger the horns, the more sexual an entry is. "

Keith let out a satisfying moan, as he felt Buck's rough fingers gently inside of him. He was trembling slightly from being on all fours on the bed for so long.

Buck spoke in a low voice, ignoring the noises that Keith is making. "A third key difference in Chalmers narratives is the appearance of a second character that also takes on a principal role on equal footing of SCP-1893-1. It is believed that this character is a manifestation of SCP-2547-1, with several similarities - the entity is always described as good looking or other similar descriptions, and often described as having fur or excessive body hair. The entity may hold canine characteristics such as tails and paws, but sometimes may also be fully human."

Keith grunted as a sudden chill shot through his body.

"One last characteristic is that while the name given to SCP-1893 may vary, the SCP-2547 entities are always given a name that begins with a hard K sound, as in 'coyote'."

Buck grinned, and murmured in a slow and sultry voice, knowing that Keith loves it when he does this. "Chalmers narratives only occur if SCP-1893 is mentioned in conjunction with SCP-2547; it does not seem to be a widespread effect, and has not affected other passages. Of note is that in subsequent interviews, SCP-2547-1 does not seem be aware of the existence of Chalmers narratives, or is unwilling to share its knowledge of this event."

Buck stopped, allowing Keith to catch his breath. Keith knows what is coming next, almost unable to hold in his excitement. Keith closed his eyes, feeling two strong arms grab onto his butt, and the head of Buck's gigantic penis pushing against his tender anus. Keith winced slightly as he felt Buck slide inside of him.


Keith, ignoring the pain, attempted a reply to his lover, as Buck's grip on Keith tightened.

"Comparatively to the original narratives, Chalmers narratives are less violent, but are usually highly affectionate in nature - it is believed that the presence of the SCP-2547 entity is affecting the 'mood' of SCP-1893," Keith said, after finally catching his breath. He closed his eyes as he felt the climax approaching. "The Chalmers narratives range from relatively benign and platonic, to highly deviant and vivid descriptions of sexual deviancy and fetishes. It is noted that all of these Chalmers narratives lack the presence of any female characters, and are almost always highly homosexual in nature."

Buck picked up his pace, inviting Keith to continue. Their eyes met, knowing that the climax would come soon.

"After the revelations of the Chalmers narratives, it is now believed that SCP-1893 may be able to affect other forms of narratives and documents," Keith quickly rattled off, his speech speeding up along with Buck's pounding. "While permission for cross-testing is still pending, it is believed that this is definitive proof that previously hypothesized methods of termination may be viable, mainly because- "

Buck bellowed a low guttural roar as he came inside of Keith, who let out a satisfied scream as he came as well, staining the hotel bedsheets. Collapsing against the bed, with his brain swimming and satisfied, Keith smiled faintly as Buck's breath slowed, feeling him spill his seed deep inside him. Buck leaned down and kissed Keith as they laid on the now messy bed, curling up against each other as they drifted to sleep.

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