ion X bumaro forevurr
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yo?😳😏Waves of flesh clashed against titans of metal, Hummers striking against the fleshomancers. It was an all-out war, the reborn Kalmaktama Empire fighting against their metallic obstacles. No side was winning, but neither was losing either. Each blow, each strike, each blast in the name of MEKHANE could be felt across the world.

Robert Bumaro, the High Priest, waded through the battlefield, effortlessly slaying any organic monstrosities that dared cross his bath. Across the battlefield, his so fucking hot and sexy opponentopponent could be spotted, leading the charge ontop a moving mountain of skin and muscle. The Forged One marched his way towards the Grand Karcist, a legion of faithful Mekhanites following his wake. The Sorcerer King saw the oncoming and how shiny and sleek his bald, metal head wasgearhead, and directed his wondering how it'd feel riding his steely dansteed to… how do blobs move? do they slide? yeah, they prob slide …slide towards his destined loverenemy, engulfing the mechanic war machines as it went.

As soon as they got close to one another, wishing they could tear each other's clothes offthey went on the attack. Ion jumped down from his blob of flesh, his grotesque and Bumaro's mind thought of what was under this man's robes, and lingered on another meaty staffmeaty staff much like how Cupid took aim at the two star-crossed loversaimed at his heart. Bumaro held up his warforged hammer to protect himself from Ion's thrust, and the two crashed into one another, tumbling onto the ground, with Ion mounting Bumaro's metallic hips. The two stared at one another, blushing deeply1234. Their faces were mere centimeters apart.

After a moment of silence, Ion was the first to speak.

"so we gonna kiss or?😳"5

"i mean..shi..hahaha😏😏"

ok sex scene time

when do i get my adult tag?

ok so like

this is my first time writing a sex scene so bare with me but

ion tears off the high presit's pants and begins to pound, his meaty staff going in and out oooh so hot

they switched roles and bloomro began doing the oh so hot and totally cool pounding.

"Oh~, Bumaro-desu, I've never felt such a good, metal rod as yours!" moaned Ion.

"Nobody fucks like Ballmaro does, Ion. 😏"

The two acolytes bounded together in their love, Ion finding a new lover to replace his Klavigar Lovataar. i mean yeah she was hot and all, but Bloomberg? oooohhh, he was something else alright. Their climax could be felt around the world, their lust and desire for one another unifying the two religions. The Sarkic Church of the Broken God. wait that's a terrible name no.
ok that's the sex scene. pretty hot, right?

whoops used wrong ink, guess you can't see it. sorry :( :)

The two lovers united their sides, their factions, and looked onwards. FLESH and MACHINE, now united as.. BIOTECHNOLOGY? Yeah, sure, that works. The BIOTECHNOLOGY Empire was poised to take over the world, and do that they shall.
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Down in the American Southwest, amongst the tents and smoke, jealousy was brewing. Five pillars of smoke surrounded this envy-filled man, jealous of Ion for getting that nice, nice chromejob. Who was this man, you ask? None other than




To (hopefully not) be continued…

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