Inverse Precognition
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My name is Doctor Algahst Trintavon, lead of Risk Prevention at the Foundation's Department of Thaumaturgy. I possess something that my coworkers call "inverse precognition".

"But Doctor," you might snidely ask me. "Isn't that just 'hindsight?'". No; there's a very key distinction between hindsight…and what I have.

Hindsight is something you use to look back on something, having it dawn upon you all the ways that the actions you did could have gone horribly, irrevocably wrong.

"Inverse precognition", however, allows me to see all of the things that can not happen, just by looking at something at the right time.

It's not something that I can do on command, you see. It's not even something prevalent amongst my kind. The Foundation officially calls it a "genetic fluke", while my family called it "a blessing from Higher Up".

Regardless, I have no control over how I activate the sense. One moment, I will lay my eyes on an object or being, and then that moment expands as all possible scenarios that can not and will not happen involving them flashes before my eyes.

The closest analogy I can describe what I experience, that will make sense to you, is that it's as if I'm viewing a dense flipbook, the pages blurring together but moving just slow enough that I'm able to keep retention of what's on them.

So I will know, for example, that the book bound in rotted human flesh we recovered from a decrepit Sarkic temple does not have any thaumaturgic rituals that can cause an HK-Class "Deific Subjugation" Scenario, just from a spare glance at it. Or that D-5768 will not survive the upcoming Mekhanite raid on our site to steal said book, no matter which options are available to them.

It is a useful ability to have, when it works. But there's a reason why I don't subscribe to my family's beliefs about it being a blessing.

Not after I accepted the Foundation's recruitment offer into their ranks, and turned to see my family, my home…and my heart sank into the pit of my stomach when the flash came over me.

Seeing myself meet the love of my life.

Seeing myself in their embrace while we grew old together, surrounded by the adoring eyes of our children and grandchildren.

Seeing hands big and small grasping onto mine as I passed away peacefully in my sleep.

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