Into the Motoverse 2: Electric Boogaloo

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<GlassMoto has joined the chat>

GlassMoto: Um, hi. So what's this?

MotoK: Its a multidimensional chat for every version of ourselves. Youll get used to it.

GlassMoto: I see. How did this happen?

NDMoto: That would be me…

NDMoto: i started this accidently.

GlassMoto: Oh? How'd you managed that?

NDMoto: I'm not sure. Mum tried to explain it to me, but I didn't understand.

GlassMoto: Who's your mom? She sounds like she knows a lot about all this.

NDMoto: Yeah! She

Ned jumped as the door to his room opened. He hid his phone in the first place he could, in his desk drawer.

"I just came to tell you that dinner will be ready soon." Ned's adoptive mother stated. Well, mother was one word for her. Ned wasn't sure he understood it all, but apparently, they were the same person from different universes. Whatever that meant.

She came over to him, kneeling down to look him in the eyes. He averted his gaze, looking to the ground.

"Ned." His body tensed, waiting for the pain his few years had taught him was soon to come. "Everything alright? I know you're struggling to adjust, but no one's going to hurt you for being a normal kid. Okay? I promise nothing will happen if you're on your phone." He didn't answer, not even looking up at her.

Ned could feel her disappointment, the swirling, hard knot in his stomach only growing with intensity. He didn't dare move until she left, his door closing softly. His gaze locked to the handle until he was sure she was gone.

Only once he heard her shuffling around their kitchen did he retrieve his phone.

GlassMoto: You there buddy?

<KilerMoto has entered the chat>

KilerMoto: Ah, Glass! I see you've met ND.

GlassMoto: Yeah. But he hasn't responded for a while. Is something wrong?

KilerMoto: It happens sometimes. The kids had a rough life. Just give him some time.

GlassMoto: If you insist…

KilerMoto: Anyway. I got on for a reason. Anyone available to help?

MotoK: Whats up?

KilerMoto: MotoK, it's been a while!

KilerMoto: But yeah. Would anyone be able to drop by? I've got a few assassins after me. Our leadership is attempting to kill me. I

MotoK: Kiler?

FanonMoto: Someone killed her.

KiraPoyo: rip

KilerMoto: Sorry. One of the fuckers got in. Valration's not going to step in until one of us is dead.

MotoK: Why is it every time you speak something fucked up has happened?

MotoK: What do you need?

KilerMoto: Would KiriMoto be able to send over that MTF of hers? Those dimension hoppers would be helpful. Or if one of you knows how to fight off an army of highly trained cyborgs?

GlassMoto: I knew this chat was a mistake.

GlassMoto: But no. I can't help you there.

MotoK: Sorry mate.

FanonMoto: KiriMoto?

NDMoto: Kilers in trouble?

NDMoto: I can ask mum. She won't respond though cause her phone broke in a breach a couple days ago.

NDMoto: Someone will have to invite her again cause I dunno how we even got here to begin with.

Ned swallowed, dreading having to ask for something. It wasn't his place to do so. He needed to be quiet and stay hidden. No one should have to deal with him. He was a waste of space. He didn't deserve anything. He doesn't-

A knock came at his door. Ned jumped, gasping for breath. It took him more than a few moments to recognize who it was.

"Dinner's ready. Do you want to take it here, or at the table?" There was kindness in her voice that he didn't deserve. It took him several moments more to find his voice again.

"H-here." He swallowed harshly, berating himself for letting weakness slip. Surely she would see it and her facade would fall. It had to. Any time now. She had to be waiting for him to slip up. There was no other reason for her to be acting so kind. It had to be a facade.

His door creaked open. His mother approached with what he guessed was supposed to be a warm smile. To him, that was the one his old parents used before hurting him. Ned hardly let out a breath, turning back to his computer. At least on the web, he didn't have to be himself.

A plate was sat before him, the scents of his favorite meal wafting to him. A large glass was set beside it. He caught as her hand began to make its way to him, only to stop a few inches away. She sighed, beginning to walk off.

"Enjoy your meal. I'll be out here if you need me. Alright?" He managed a stiff nod, waiting until his door was shut once more before daring to pick up the fork and begin eating. He looked around quickly, then, without stopping to breathe, wolfed down the meal in front of him.

Without another thought, he picked up his phone again, read through the multitude of messages and set it back down. The winding, twisting, terrible knot in his chest tugged at him as he sat there. He wanted to help Kiler. He really did. He knew his mom would help if he asked. He just couldn't bring himself to do something he knew he would get punished for.


MotoK: Hi ND. Did you ask Kiri?


MotoK: I take that as a no? Did something happen?

NDMoto: No…

NDMoto: I just…

NDMoto: I cant

NDMoto: I…

GlassMoto: I think I understand. You're having trouble opening up, yeah?

GlassMoto: The others told me about your situation. If you would like, I could try to help you. I'm a therapist.

NDMoto: No. I

NDMoto: no.

GlassMoto: Alright. If you want to talk, just ask.

KilerMoto: Guys.

KilerMoto: Somethings warong. I fel weoiird

MotoK: Kiler?

MotoK: What happened?

KilerMoto: dunnoo. cannt see strsight. Thingsre blurry.

KilerMoto: rums spinnings.

MotoK: You sure you werent poisoned? Or drugged?

KilerMoto: SHOT

KilerMoto: That muss be it i thinks i havve som e drugs around here to helpp/

<KilerMoto has left the chat>

MotoK: ND you doing okay? This has to be hard on you.

NDMoto: im fine.

GlassMoto: You don't have to be alright, you know.

NDMoto: I don't want to talk about it.

Ned brought his knees to his chest. The soft mattress under him nearly swallowed him whole. His lip quivered. Everything was his fault. He was so useless. Why couldn't he do anything? It was his fault Kiler was in this situation. If he had only been able to ask Kiri. She would have sent Kiler help. Why couldn't he do anything right?

Salty tears stung his eyes as he muffled his sobs. The first few began streaming down his face as the tight knot made itself known once more. Useless. Why couldn't you be better? Why was he so bad at existing? I shouldn't have given birth to you. He should have let himself die back then. He's just a waste of space. His own parents didn't even want him. He was just a burden.

Why can't you be useful like other children? His mother had told him. You're so useless. You can't even do chores properly. He just wanted her to leave. It was better to be alone. You cause your mother and I so many problems. His father had told him. Stay down here and be quiet. Don't cause us any more problems. The cold, dark basement was comforting in a way. He was alone there. They didn't go down there much. It was there that he found the others.

You don't deserve to live. No! He wanted the thoughts to leave. You're just a waste of space. No! You're own parents didn't even want you. No… Hot tears streamed down his face. He didn't want to be useless anymore. He didn't want these thoughts in his head.

He hardly registered as his door closed, a dip in his mattress coinciding with a sob. Ned didn't register as a warm body pressed against his, or that a blanket snaked its way around him. He did register the soft humming coming from nearby, as well as the single spot on his back where soft circles were being drawn.

Ned found himself leaning into the warmth beside him. It felt so wrong, yet it was everything he needed. He wanted the warmth beside him even if it hurt more later.

He managed to pull himself together enough to figure out that his mother was holding him. His mother was holding him?

"W-why?" The word was a struggle with how tight his throat felt. She didn't answer, choosing to hold him close.


KilerMoto: Good news!

KilerMoto: I've managed to not die! And I've figured out who it is that's trying to kill me! It's our current leader Sam Yusuf Thalrision Yvor Carlos Fanon.

MotoK: Im glad youre still alive.

MotoK: That certainly is a name.

KilerMoto: Yeah.

KilerMoto: Apparently, he's somewhere in the capital. I've already checked the couple of gangs we have. He's not there.

MotoK: Any new injuries?

KilerMoto: Lost an arm yesterday. Still getting used to it, but I should be able to get a replacement. Going to be a lot harder to fight until then, though.

MotoK: You lost an arm?!

KilerMoto: Yeah. Bleed a lot, and nearly died getting away. A friend of mine helped patch me up.

KilerMoto: NDMoto not to be pushy, but you got an ETA on those reinforcements?

KilerMoto: Would really be helpful here. My friends keep getting targeted for helping me.

NDMoto: I'm sorry…


Ned's chest hurt as he opened the chat. His throat threatened to close as he became aware of everything around him. He just needed to open the chat. He needed to do this. He had to.

<NDMoto has started a private chat with GlassMoto>

NDMoto: GlassMoto?

GlassMoto: What's up?

NDMoto: Can…

NDMoto: Can we talk?

GlassMoto: Sure. What about?

NDMoto: You're… not going to tell anyone, right?

GlassMoto: Nah. Not if you don't want me to.

NDMoto: You said you're a therapist, yeah?

GlassMoto: Yup!

NDMoto: I… I don't want to feel like this anymore. i want to be useful…

GlassMoto: Alright. Let's talk for a while and see where to begin. Okay?

NDMoto: Yeah, sure. Where should I start?

GlassMoto: Wherever you want.

"Ned? Everything alright? You've been quiet for hours." Came the worried voice of his mother.

"Yeah…" His voice was hoarse and scratched at his throat. He knew she wasn't convinced. She always had a sense about these things. He wasn't surprised when she came in. He wasn't even surprised when she approached him. He was surprised when she set down a pitcher of water, shot him a smile, and left his room.

He wasn't sure about Glass' advice. He wasn't even sure he would be able to change. But he did feel better after talking to them. Ned wanted to do it more.

KilerMoto: Guys! I found him. I found Fanon.

KilerMoto: Not sure I can get to him. He's got a ton of guards, and I could really use some help. Any idea when I can expect it? NDMoto?

NDMoto: I… um. I'll try.

GlassMoto: You can do it, ND!

NDMoto: If you say so…

GlassMoto: You got this, bud. I believe in you.

NDMoto: But what if I can't? What if she says no?

GlassMoto: You know Kiri better than the rest of us. Do you really think she would say no?

NDMoto: I'm not sure.

GlassMoto: After leaving her world to come save you, you think she would refuse?

NDMoto: When you put it like that…

Ned couldn't move. Anxiety welled into a knot closing off his throat and freezing him in place. He read over the messages a few more times. Glass was right. He just had to trust in himself and his mother.

"Mum?" His shaky, uncertain mumble came.

"Ned?!" She exclaimed, "What's up."

"I…" Come on, you can do it. "Its… ah… Kiler… She's…"

She waited patiently for him to finish even as the lump in his throat grew worse. "She needs help. She… uh… Wanted to know if you could send some?" His mother looked at him fondly for a few moments, even as he waited for the pain he knew wasn't coming.

Finally, she said something. "Yeah. I can get the MTF and see what we can do, alright? You can tell Kiler that they should be by soon. It'll take an hour or so to get them ready and maybe an hour to get approval from the Foundation." Ned nodded. Looking back at his phone.

NDMoto: KilerMoto. Mum agreed. it'll be a few hours yet tho.

KilerMoto: That's fine. I'm sure I can last a few more hours.

<NDMoto has joined the channel {Therapy time}>

NDMoto: I managed it…

GlassMoto: Good job!

NDMoto: It was scary. I didnt want to ask cause i thought she might hurt me.

NDMoto: im not used to this. Mum seemed really happy that I asked.

GlassMoto: That's good. I knew you could do it!

NDMoto: Thanks, Glass…


NDMoto: The MTF set out a bit ago. I wonder how Kilers doin.

<KilerMoto has sent a photo.>

An image of a grinning, blood-covered woman appears. Her left arm up to her elbow is metallic. She is sitting on a ledge.

KilerMoto: Thanks NDMoto! Kiri's MTF was really helpful!

KilerMoto: As a side note, I now rule the Valration. You can expect your guys back in a few hours.

NDMoto: Its alright. I'm glad youre okay.

MotoK: Im glad!

MotoK: Wait. Youre the Valration leader now? Doesnt that make you the ruler of your world?

KilerMoto: Yes. Yes it does. At least no one will be wanting to kill me again any time soon!

KilerMoto: Anyway. I'm tired. I'm going to head off.

<KilerMoto has left the chat>

GlassMoto: Good job. I'm proud of you.

NDMoto: Thanks, Glass.

NDMoto: I appreciate it.

GlassMoto: <3

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