Interviews Log 405
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Interview #405-14-1:
Interviewed: Agent ██████, diagnosed with terminal ████████████ Agent has volunteered to act as test subject.

Interviewer: ████████████, ████████████ and ████████████ on standby.

Foreword: First in a series of logs over the stages of an SCP-405 infection. Use of an Agent likely to ensure information is delivered as required. Primary stage.

<Begin Log, ████████████>

████████████: And how are we feeling today?

Agent ██████: Really ██████? I thought these were meant to be as formal as possible. Anyway I still feel fine, apart from the nausea from coming off the ████████████ drugs.

████████████: Any strange sensations? Audio hallucinations?

Agent ██████: No, nothing.

████████████: OK, moving on…

Agent ██████: Hang on, you, yes you the D in the corner. Will you stop humming? It's really distracting.

████████████: ████████████ isn't humming.

Agent ██████: Really, I could have sworn. Oh [EXPLETIVE]. Already?

<End Interview Segment>

Interview #405-14-5:

Interviewed: Agent ██████.

Interviewer: ████████████, ████████████ and ████████████ on standby.

Foreword: Initial stage.

<Begin Log, ████████████>

Agent ██████: No I am not going to "flip out" this time. Geeze.

████████████: I haven't said anything yet ██████.

Agent ██████: Sorry, I can't tell the difference, well, not always.

████████████: Explain?

Agent ██████: Well, I just heard you say Explain twice right? Only one, one I reckon is how you …[EXPLETIVE], sorry, heard someone… one was how I reckon you must think you sound, less nasally than your real voice.

████████████: Interesting.

Agent ██████: Sorry I didn't mean… Did you say that or just think it? I think it gets worse the longer I spend with a guy.

<End Interview Segment>

Interview #405-14-21
Interviewed: Agent ██████.

Interviewer: ████████████, ████████████ and ████████████ on standby. Original interviewer is providing advice via text feed from ████████████.

Foreword: Escalation stage.

<Begin Log, ████████████>

Agent ██████: I feel terrible, I haven't slept in four days and I wish I had never volunteered for this damn experiment.

████████████: I hadn't…

Agent ██████: I know you [EXPLETIVE] well hadn't! I can hear you, I can hear those two brain donors, I can hear ██████ even though he is on the other end of the text feed. I can hear every damn person IN THIS DAMN BASE!

████████████: Calm down.

Agent ██████: You did not just tell me to calm down, how DARE you tell me to calm down. I swear, if one more person tells me, or even thinks at me, to be calm I will wring their [EXPLETIVE] NECKS! Some of the sick, sick things you guys think, I never knew I worked with such perverts! You know ███████? The guy running this place? He [REDACTED]. EVERY DAY! Why am I, meatball salad today, this isn't my, SHUT UP, SHUT UP!

████████████: We need to discuss your symptoms.

Agent ██████: Can I have a pen and paper? I need to write this down, I can't think straight to talk.

*Pen and paper provided for Agent ██████. Agent ██████ inserts pen a full █ inches into his ear. Interview terminated*

<End Interview Segment>

Interview #405-14-29:
Interviewed: Agent ██████ (restrained).

Interviewer: ████████████.

Foreword: Late Plateau stage.

<Begin Log, ████████████>

Agent ██████: Get out, get the hell out, go away, all of you go away, Dance, do the maniac dance, damn whore had it coming to her, how, SHUT UP SHUT UP! Says here that his real name is, one, two, three, four, one, two, three, four, one, two, three, four, it's all a cry for help you know. One day the world, how do you get it to the lock again? Elizabeth, I miss you but not that, MY HEAD. GET OUT OF MY HEAD!

<End Log>

Closing Statement: [The progression of symptoms here is clear, Agent ██████ held out longer than most but was driven to suicide 22 days after exposure. Agent ██████ managed to pull over his restraint chair and [REDACTED].

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