Interview With a TTSP Member

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Foreword: On 17/01/2021, Leonard Wilson, a 35 years Southampton citizen and a mechanical engineer working for the company "Puma Engineering & Construction Ltd" was captured by The Foundation and conducted to Site-91, upon admitting being a member of the group known as "The Truth Shall Prevail" (related to SCP-5329) to undercover Agent James Hamilton, who was embedded within the company under the disguise of a trainee, since July of 2020. The following interview was conducted by researcher Dr. Samuel Oscar, shortly after the subject's capture.

Dr. Samuel: Hello Mr. Wilson, how are you doing? I am Samuel Oscar and I want to ask you a few questions. Could you please tell me more about the group "The Truth Shall Prevail?"

Leonard Wilson: Well, I'm alright. But I never thought that Hamilton was deceiving me all this time. Damn, and I even thought that we were friends. To think that all those speeches about how he wanted a more honest and better world was all just to get information from me, is just… (subject makes a brief pause, shaking his head.) Well, whatever. That's the kind of thing I expect from this world anyways. Actually, that's why I became a member of our community. I want to help in changing this entire world, that currently is built upon lies and dishonesty. Now to answer your second question: We members see ourselves as the next step in human evolution. We learned that if we keep lying to others and to ourselves, the human race will eventually come to an end. We are loyal to the truth, and that’s what brings us together.

Dr. Samuel: I see. So could you please explain to me why do you believe that the human race will come to an end? Lies have been common since the origin of humanity, and we’re still here. I believe that, sometimes, they are necessary for the greater good.

Leonard Wilson: It’s not what I believe, it's simply a fact. Just look at what’s happening to the world right now and think about the things that happened in the past. If people were honest with each other then the number of conflicts, in general, would vastly decrease and everything would have been different. Currently, we're walking towards our own destruction, and if things remain as they are, that will be inevitable. We will grow stronger as a species once we accept that everything should be based on truths. A greater good that is built upon lies won't last long, that's what I and The Truth Shall Prevail's members believe. But at least we have finally understood this before it’s too late.

Dr. Samuel: I can't say I agree, but I’ll accept your explanation. Can you then tell me how many members your community currently has, when it was founded, and who is, (or are), its leaders? Also, if you can give specific information about other members of your community that would be really appreciated.

Leonard Wilson: I don’t know the exact amount, as new members join us often, and we only physically meet twice a year, wearing masks. I am sure that we are more than a couple hundred though. The community was born 17 years ago, and yes, we do have a leader, who also is the founder of our community, but we are not allowed to reveal anything about him. The Truth Shall Prevail’s members make a pledge upon joining to “never lie under any circumstances” and I am sure that the vast majority of us take that very seriously, so our leader and even our members remain secretive about their own identities. Also, this prevents that in situations like the one I am in right now, the entire community gets in trouble. The only thing I can say is that we want to change this world to a better place and bring the human race to the next level and our leader is the one who wants that the most.

Dr. Samuel: I understand, thanks for sharing this with me, Mr. Wilson. Now can I ask how did your group modify the water from that spout?

Leonard Wilson: Through a purifying ritual, that only we members are able to perform.

Dr. Samuel: Oh, so can you explain how do new members join your community?

Leonard Wilson: Our leader chooses who he believes has potential, these chosen ones will then receive an inviting letter. They can accept or refuse this invitation, as no one is forced to join us. Also, we are free to leave the community at any time, although I haven’t heard about any members who wanted to left.

Dr. Samuel: Alright, that's good to know. Now I need to ask: What exactly is the main goal of The Truth Shall Prevail?

Leonard Wilson: Our main goals are to spread the truth as much as possible, expose the benefits of a world without lies, and make our species evolve as a result of this. And the proof that we, The Truth Shall Prevail members are the next step in human evolution is that we developed the ability to do what we call “purify” something or someone. That means that either an object will temporarily be able to affect an individual in a way that makes them unable to lie, or when used specifically in humans the person will then be unable to lie automatically, for a specific time period. For now, only our leader is able to perform this last kind of ritual, and that water spout near my city is the first and only object we were able to purify in a way that it doesn’t lose its properties over time, except if mixed with other substances. We are really proud of what we've done there, and I am glad that my city was the first one blessed with something like this.

Dr. Samuel: Well, even if you say that the modified spout was a "blessing" for your city, it just caused many conflicts. Doesn't that go exactly against your community's narrative?

Leonard Wilson: As I already said, this world is currently built based on lies. So it's natural that when people face the truth for the first time they won't react in the best way possible. The results we expect will come in the long run.

Dr. Samuel: Okay then. Now I have one last question for you. How much do you and your community know about us?

Leonard Wilson: Our leader is aware of the Foundation's existence. The members also know the basics about you guys, as our leader shared some information with us. However, we don’t know too much. Our leader isn’t too fond of you guys, as your organization tends to often deceive the population, but he understands the reason for this course of action, as the population isn’t ready for some truths currently, although he definitely wants to one day share with the world all the secrets that organizations like the one you work for keeps.

Dr. Samuel: Well, I don't think that is going to happen, Mr. Wilson. Nonetheless, thanks for answering my questions. You were very cooperative, and I am grateful for that.

Closing Statement: After the interview, the subject was induced to consume a glass of water produced by SCP-5329 and the same questions were, once again, purposed to him. The subject’s answers were highly compatible with the ones he presented in this document. He was then amnesticized and released. Leonard remained under the supervision of an undercover Agent, in order to get more pieces of information about the group "The Truth Shall Prevail." However, ten days after the realization of this interview, Leonard Wilson was found deceased inside his own room. No traces of his connection with the group were found upon investigations of the subject's electronic devices and the cause of his death remains unknown. Further investigations about the group are ongoing.

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