Interview SCP-418/3
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Interviewed: SCP-418.

Interviewer: Mr Mellows (Navajo speaker) and Dr Lee (Assigned researcher)

Also present: three (3) members of Foundation Security.

Foreword: This is the third attempt at an opening interview. Both previous attempts were hindered by an apparent inability by SCP-418 to speak English. SCP-418's language of communication identified as Navajo.

Interview intents are as follows:

  1. Gain base profile information on SCP-418.
  2. Ascertain the reason for SCP-418's intrusion into the Foundation.
  3. Ascertain a broad understanding of SCP-418's abilities to facilitate primary containment.

SCP-418 was, at the time, referred to under its provisional reference code TCP (Temporary Containment Procedure)-AAZ1 on all transcripts. All such references have now been edited to SCP-418.

This dialogue represents conversation translated from Navajo.

Site ██ is the housing site of SCP-███ which necessitates personnel to rotate a series of dietary supplement added to various water supplies designated A-F.

<Begin Log>

Mr Mellows: Very well Doctor, let's get started. Do you wish to direct the questioning or shall I?

Dr Lee: I trust you Mellows, just get this guy to talk to me.

Mr Mellows: Good day. My name is Mr Mellows. I understand you seem to only speak Navajo. I need to establish what you know about us and what will happen to you. Do you understand?

SCP-418: I understand you, white man.

Mr Mellows: Really? Hmm. Can I offer you tea? I typically have a cup around now I can easily have another brought in.

SCP-418: shakes head

Mr Mellows: What then, coffee? Water?

SCP-418: Water.

Mr Mellows: What about you, Dr Lee? Cup of tea?

Dr Lee: Now? Really? Oh well, um, why not.

Mr Mellows: Indicates Foundation Security Team Member Two teas and one water. Don't forget the milk. Nothing special, just D. Now that the pleasantries are out of the way, who are you and why are you here.

SCP-418: I am Laughing Badger.

Mr Mellows: Indeed. And why are you here?

SCP-418: Your people hold [DESCRIPTION REDACTED]. This is an affront to my people.

Mr Mellows: I see. Ah, the tea. Doctor it sounds like he was here for SCP-███. When did you first learn

Dr Lee: Wait. Mr Mellows, I need to talk to you. Do you have the logs we pulled? Thank you.

Mr Mellows: Wait here, well it isn't exactly a thing you have much say in is it?

Mr Mellows and Dr Lee exit. Log suspended for 17 minutes.

Dr Lee and Mr Mellows return.

Mr Mellows: We know.

SCP-418: Know what, White Man?

Dr Lee: Drop the act. You came here for SCP-███? Look. Dr Lee holds up an image. This is a little thing called CCTV. It is a nice little image of you reacting in shock at seeing it through the observation deck window. You didn't know it was here!

Mr Mellows: That struck us as odd. Then there was something you said. Affront. Its just the way you said that word. Sounded a little like you were from Brooklyn.

Dr Lee: Now you haven't touched that cup of water, probably because when you heard someone say "Water D" you thought it was some kind of drug, but it isn't.

Mr Mellows: So we think you are stalling for time. Maybe you are expecting rescue. And I have to say you have stonewalled marvellously until this point.

Dr Lee: True enough, but now I reckon you better quit it or we will start with the more interesting kinds of interrogation.

SCP-418: Okay, okay. You caught me. So [EXPLETIVE] what? Why should I tell you anything anyway?

Dr Lee: Well I'm sorry to have wasted your time Mr Mellows. You can leave now; if he gives us more trouble we will just have to resort to supplementary interrogation.

Mr Mellows leaves. 418 clearance no longer required by Mellows, revoked.

Dr Lee: Right you bastard. You just made me look like an [EXPLETIVE]. So you either tell me what I want to know, or I will make you wish you had.

SCP-418: So what do you want to know?

Dr Lee: Who the [EXPLETIVE] are you? Why the [EXPLETIVE] are you here and what the [EXPLETIVE] do you do?

SCP-418: I won't tell you my name or betray my employer. Bad for business. But if you want to know what I do…

SCP-418 lunges at Dr Lee holding what was later identified as a 23-cm-long section of large intestine. He throws this at Dr Lee, and brandishes a Foundation Combat knife at the security personnel. An altercation ensues and SCP-418 is restrained by Foundation Security. SCP-418 managed to incapacitate one guard and permanently blind another in this altercation. Security Guards assigned to SCP-418 in future are to be issued with batons rather than edged weapons. The intestine proceeds to strangle Dr Lee, who falls unconscious. Dr Lee later freed and revived by Security.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Dr Lee made a full recovery. SCP-418 appeared to have stolen the knife from the Security guard who brought the cup of water, and used it to sever a portion of his intestine under the table. All further interviews with SCP-418 to be conducted in a Minimal Equipped Cell.

No rescue attempt was made for 3 months; following the realisation he had been abandoned, SCP-418 became more amenable, stating his mission was to retrieve compromising data on Dr ██████. He claims not to know his employer and acted only through a 3rd party. Such 3rd-party contact and the current role of Dr ██████ make MC&D the most likely employer.

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