Interview Log 2422-2
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Interviewed: SCP-2422-C

Interviewer: Dr. Welsch

Foreword: Dr. Welsch made a request to have a followup interview with SCP-2422-C to ensure the amended containment procedures – including the administration of antidepressants to SCP-2422-C without its knowledge – was effective. Her request was approved, but the interview conducted produced no pertinent information. However, SCP-2422-C subsequently requested regular meetings with Dr. Welsch, as a sort of therapy. These sessions are recorded for the purposes of record-keeping. They almost universally contain no information of interest. On 3/██/20██, however, SCP-2422-C revealed new information concerning the nature of SCP-2422. Irrelevant data has been removed from the following log but retained in Project Director records (Level-4/2422 Clearance required).

<Begin Log>

Dr. Welsch: Hello, SCP-2422-C. How have you been this week?

SCP-2422-C: Okay, I guess. How have you been?


Dr. Welsch: I am certainly glad you’ve been feeling better. Do you have any idea why–

SCP-2422-C: No, you’re not.

Dr. Welsch: I’m sorry?

SCP-2422-C: Why are you so nervous?

[Dr. Welsch pauses]

Dr. Welsch: Crap.

SCP-2422-C: If you’re going to lie to me, don’t look me in the eyes. I know you have mom put stuff in my food.

Dr. Welsch: They’re standard commercial antidepressants. They’re for your own good.

SCP-2422-C: Just like everything else here, right?


Dr. Welsch: Well, your family certainly seems satisfied with their lifestyle.

SCP-2422-C: Do you really think that?

Dr. Welsch: Well, they haven’t given us any indication otherwise.

SCP-2422-C: We’re programmed not to.

Dr. Welsch: By Wandering Father?

SCP-2422-C: Yes, by him.

Dr. Welsch: Then why are you so unhappy? Aren’t you fulfilling your purpose?

SCP-2422-C: None of us asked for this. We were made to make people happy, but none of us want to, really. Wandering Father gave us a purpose, and then he gave us about three-quarters of a free will. We feel compelled to make others happy, but we don’t enjoy it.

Dr. Welsch: But why don’t you enjoy making others happy? Do you not enjoy being kind?

SCP-2422-C: Not when we have no choice.

[Both pause]

SCP-2422-C: Look, you have to see what we do when no one’s around. I know you have cameras in our rooms.

Dr. Welsch: We haven’t noticed anything unusual.

SCP-2422-C: You haven’t seen my parents after they go to bed?

Dr. Welsch: They have a habit of concealing themselves entirely by their covers. We’ve figured it’s best to allow them a small measure of privacy.

SCP-2422-C: Oh my God, you think they’re having sex?

Dr. Welsch: Well, we assumed–

SCP-2422-C: I guarantee you neither of them have had sex in their lives. They hide themselves because they don’t want you to see them crying.

[Both pause]

Dr. Welsch: You mean they–

SCP-2422-C: They don’t like it any more than I do. They just care more about hiding it.

Dr. Welsch: 2422-C, I’m–

SCP-2422-C: You’re sorry. I know. Frankly, it’s not good enough.


<End Log>

Closing Statement: Following this interview, Dr. Welsch went on a two-week leave for mental heath purposes.

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