Interview Log 2422-1
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Interviewed: SCP-2422-C

Interviewer: Dr. Welsch

Foreword: The following interview was conducted on 11/██/20██, following reports by personnel that SCP-2422-C had been showing signs of depression and had become more brusque with personnel than its “family members.” There was an additional report made that it had attacked a researcher as he attempted to conduct tests on it, attempting to gouge his eyes out with its fingernails. The purpose of this interview was to determine whether SCP-2422-C needed to take regular antidepressants in order to maintain normal interaction with its “family.”

<Begin Log>

Dr. Welsch: Hello, SCP-2422-C.

SCP-2422-C: Hi.

Dr. Welsch: How are you?

SCP-2422-C: I don’t know. Fine.

Dr. Welsch: You don’t know?

SCP-2422-C: No, I’m fine.

Dr. Welsch: We’ve been receiving reports that you’ve been rather rude to some personnel.

SCP-2422-C: Well, they were rude to me.

Dr. Welsch: I’m sure they were just following procedure. The people who work with you receive orders from someone called a Project Director, who–

SCP-2422-C: I know what a Project Director is. I’m not stupid.

Dr. Welsch: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to imply you were.

SCP-2422-C: Yes, you did. And you don’t feel ashamed. You’re irritated.

Dr. Welsch: You don’t know that–

SCP-2422-C: Yes, I do. I can feel it. You’re a practiced liar, I can tell, because you make eye contact when you do it. You can’t hide it from me.

[Dr. Welsch pauses]

Dr. Welsch: Anyway, the reason for this interview is–

SCP-2422-C: He made me uncomfortable.

Dr. Welsch: I’m sorry?

SCP-2422-C: The person who you said I was rude to. He made me uncomfortable.

Dr. Welsch: What do you mean?

SCP-2422-C: I don’t want to talk about it.

Dr. Welsch: If you were treated badly, it could be grounds for an investigation. It’s against protocol to cause anomalous objects undue distress.

SCP-2422-C: He tried to touch me.

[Both pause]

Dr. Welsch: Do you mean–

SCP-2422-C: He said it was to take fluid samples from my–

[SCP-2422-C trails off. Its breathing becomes ragged]

Dr. Welsch: Honey, I’m sorry. I–

SCP-2422-C: I read a book. Before we came here. I don’t know who taught me how to read. I was never really a child, you know? I just, kind of… I don’t know how I was made. But anyway, it was this book about a girl who is going to commit suicide, so she travels far away from her home so the loss will be clean for her family. And there’s this boy who loves her, like really, really loves her. And he, like, skips his high school graduation and drives across the country to go save her. Then, at the end, it turns out she wasn’t trying to commit suicide at all. She was just leaving. She wanted to be free. It was a really good book.

Dr. Welsch: I’m not sure I understand the connection to your situation.

SCP-2422-C: I want someone to care about me that much. I was created to cause other people joy, but I don’t know what joy feels like. I want to be free but I can’t. I sound like such a fucking cliche, but I can’t be free.

Dr. Welsch: That’s why we’re here. We find the Foundation works much better when all humanoids in our custody who we can allow to be are happy.

SCP-2422-C: I am not a humanoid. I am a human. You can go fuck yourself, Doctor. I am not an object, and you know what? I will not stand for being treated like one. The next time someone calls me a humanoid, I swear, I’ll slit my fucking wrists. Don’t doubt me on that. I was not born and I’ve never lived. I’ve never talked to other teenagers, never eaten a hamburger, hell, I’ve never actually had sex. I don’t deserve those things any less than you do, Doctor Whatever, so stop being so condescending to me. I'm lonely and I'm going to continue being lonely. I've accepted that. I know you won’t let me leave, but you might as well treat me with common decency. Alright?

Dr. Welsch: I’m sorry.

SCP-2422-C: Glad to know you’re telling the truth. I’m leaving.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Dr. Welsch has recommended that SCP-2422-C be administered standard-strength antidepressants regularly, beginning as soon as possible.

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