Interview Log 026-01
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Interview with ████ █████, former principal at SCP-026.

Agent ██████: Thank you for your time, Mr. █████.

█████: Not at all. If there's one thing I have plenty of these days, it's time.

Agent ██████: So, let's get down to business. You were principal of [REDACTED] back in [REDACTED], is that correct?

█████: Yes, that's right.

Agent ██████: What can you tell us about that?

█████: Well, you've heard the stories, I'm sure. Folks say it was haunted. I don't know about that, but things did seem strange towards the end.

Agent ██████: Tell me about them.

█████: Let's see, there were the stairs, of course. You've heard about that, right? People would count fifteen coming up and sixteen coming back down. I'm sure there was a trick to it, like an optical illusion, but I never could figure it out. And we had a history book that turned up completely blank. [Pauses] I suppose these seem rather tame. But you know how it is. Little things add up. People tell stories.

Agent ██████: Tell me about the dreams.

█████: The dreams? Oh, yes. People were complaining about nightmares. Mostly students, but a few of the staff as well. It was always about school never ending. We joked about it at first, but more people talked about it. I didn't put much credence into it, but, well, when we found the blueprints didn't match up with the school, it seemed easier just to move to a new building. The schoolhouse was old, anyway, and we wanted a fresh start. And, just like that, things seemed to settle back to normal.

Agent ██████: I see. Is there anything else you'd like to add?

█████: Hmm. [Pauses] It's not really much, but maybe it will make a nice footnote in that book you're writing. I still sometimes have dreams about being in my office, back at the old schoolhouse. Sometimes I'm doing paperwork, sometimes I'm talking to someone, but it's always back behind the desk, just like old times. But gradually, I notice something's a bit off. The bell's ringing, but I don't hear anyone in the hallway. No students hurrying in or out of the classroom, no chatter, no footsteps, nothing but the bell. And it doesn't stop. The crazy thing is that I never notice it's a dream until then. I've been retired for ten years, but until I notice the bell, I think everything's normal. Crazy, isn't it?

Agent ██████: I think it's very interesting. Thank you very much. If you think of anything else, don't hesitate to give me a call.

█████: Any time.

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