Interview C
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Interviewed: Agent Thompson.

Interviewer: Dr. Sylvius

Forward: Post-incident interview with the only survivor of the anomalous SCP-C Blizzard.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Sylvius: Okay, let's begin. Tell me, Thompson, what exactly were you doing at the site?

Thompson: Well, I was helping all of the researchers make it through the storm. Studying something during a blizzard in Greenland isn't exactly the safest thing in the world.

Dr. Sylvius: Indeed. So, the report says that SCP-C activated at 1300 hours. Could you tell me what happened then?

Thompson: Well, that's when the thing started to spin. That's also when things really became nasty.

Dr. Sylvius: How so?

Thompson: Well, the wind shot up 'til it was hard to stand, it was blowing so hard. It was snowing worse than before, and it was colder than hell, let me tell you. The visibility just started out bad enough, and it got to the point you had trouble seeing your hand in front of your face. And those were just the issues with the weather.

Dr. Sylvius: There were other problems?

Thompson: Yep. First was the sun. It was impossible to see anything, but you could tell where the light was coming from, and I swore it switched spots in the sky the second that thing started up. Then it was the ground. The area we were in was kinda rocky, and sloped a bit, but it changed and became more like a flat plain.

Dr. Sylvius: I see. In the incident report, it says the group led by Agent Smith was unaccounted for when contact was reestablished.

Thompson: I was getting to that. Smith's group was near the edge of the storm, and he told us his group was gonna try to get help.

Dr. Sylvius: But by then all communications were lost.

Thompson: That was odd. We could talk between the groups, but not with anyone outside of the storm, almost as if they had dropped off of the face of the planet. Anyway, Smith's group kept moving for about four and a half hours, but they said they saw absolutely no other people or the facility that was set up nearby. They also said there was absolutely no change in the terrain, as if the tundra never ended. We told them they got turned around because of the blizzard, but they said their directional markers were working. After the sixth hour, they got out of range of the communicators. Never heard from them again.

Dr. Sylvius: So how did they all die?

Thompson: Well, we were into our twentieth hour when it happened. I was on break in the little shelter we had set up when I heard yelling from outside. I went outside and saw three of the researchers down in the snow, bleeding pretty badly. The others were running around, yelling about something that had come out of nowhere and started attacking. They weren't done, either. The whole place was a madhouse with people running around, while things were killing people left and right.

Dr. Sylvius: What did they look like?

Thompson: I have no clue. Like I said before, you couldn't see anything in the snow and the wind. All I could tell is that whatever they were, they weren't human. I was trying to talk to Sergeant Reynolds, when a white blur shot between us and sliced his head clean off. Just like that. One second he was fine, the next there was a fountain of blood where his neck used to be.

Dr. Sylvius: How did you manage to survive all of this?

Thompson: Well, I realized that there was no way we were going to win this fight. These things kept jumping in and out of the snow, and we couldn't see them for more than a split second, let alone hurt them. They were obviously experts and fighting with those conditions. We had no hope. So I made a break for the cabin. The moment I slammed the door shut behind me, this huge fucking knife stabs right through the door. If I was half a second slower, it would have gone straight through my head. I could hear them out there, growling and screaming at me, but the walls were too thick for them to get through. What they did do was break the three inch thick bullet-proof windows the shelter had, and left me there to freeze to death. I spent five and a half hours huddled in the corner, covered in blankets and hoping the storm would end early.

Dr. Sylvius: Interesting. Well, Agent Thompson, that's all the information we need at this time. Thank you for your cooperation, and we'll talk to you again if we need to know more.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: After this interview, further testing of SCP-C during storm conditions was prohibited, and measures were set up to prevent further incidents of this nature.

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