Interview 507-G
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Interviewed: SCP-507 , SCP-507

Interviewer: Dr. ████

Foreword: During a daily signal check for SCP-507, two independent verifications were returned. The following investigation led to the discovery of identical SCP-507 duplicates in its assigned quarters. Both apparently made their way to the room by themselves, and had spent at least half an hour conversing with each other upon meeting. The following interview took place between them and the first informed employee to reach their location; the duplicates have been each given an alphabetical notation for the purpose of readability.

<Begin Log>

507-A: Hey, doc.

507-B: Welcome to the party.

Dr. ████: I am afraid you are going to have to explain this to me.

507-B: There’s apparently more than one version of me with this problem.

507-A: Should have seen this coming, honestly. There are so many ways an alternate reality could differ without affecting my personal life, y’know?

Dr. ████: So which one of you is the visitor?

(Roughly ten seconds of silence)

Dr. ████: Is something wrong?

507-A: We’ve actually been talking about this for a bit. Now you guys have been real nice to us-

507-B: More than we might deserve, really.

507-A: -But we also know that this could be a rather enticing opportunity for your research department. It’d probably be best if you didn’t know which one of us was-

Dr. ████: Temporary?

507-A: Expendable.

Dr. ████: … I don’t know what kind of stories you two have been sharing, but our job is to secure and protect the likes of you. Perhaps this other reality has a less benign code of conduct?

507-B: And perhaps I can shoot fireballs from my mouth.

507-A: We don’t mean to be hurtful, but this place isn’t the best source of human compassion. I’m sure that there’s at least one person on staff who would love breaking me open in an attempt to find out how all this freaky stuff works, if it wasn’t for the fact that you couldn’t keep studying me afterwards.

507-B: Do you have to put it like that? I have enough things that keep me awake at night.

507-A: Good god, I know. Once there was this guy with a huge ass smile-

507-B: You met him too?

507-A: Nearly soiled myself.

507-B: I wish I was that lucky.

Dr. ████: You know, this could be interpreted as a security breach.

507-B: Who’s the doppelganger going to report to? Alternate-SCP? I’m fairly sure that there’s a better chance of a meteor striking this place than successful cross-dimensional sabotage.

507-A: I‘ve actually come across at least three dimensions where something fell from-

507-B: You’re not helping.

507-A: I rarely do.

507-B: Anyway, where were w-

(507-B disappears mid-sentence. Roughly five seconds of silence follows).

Dr. ████:…Well now that our visitor has left, I have a question.

507-A: Alright.

Dr. ████: Did you two figure out the difference between your realities?

507-A: Actually, I think we did. In his world Abraham Lincoln was killed while sleeping by his vice-president, instead of by General Lee.

Dr. ████: … In this reality, Booth assassinated Lincoln.

507-A: Oh. Shit.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Subsequent testing revealed that SCP-507's abilities have no biological basis, and that severed pieces will still “shift” along with the main body. The SCP-507 of this reality reappeared three days later, and has not been informed of this incident.

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