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Interviewed: SCP-214

Interviewer: Researcher ██████

Foreword: Initial interview to ascertain the origin of SCP-214

<Begin Log>

Researcher ██████: I'd like you to tell me again about what happened at the library.

SCP-214: Library, home sweet home. Have you been to the periodicals section? Such a lovely place, glittering with the dewy webs of knowledge strewn across the indexes.

Researcher ██████: Home? Do you mean like a metaphysical home, or did you actually plan to live there? We show your address of record as [REDACTED].

SCP-214: I've always been there. I'm still there. Home is where the Library is, after all. And this is my home now, isn't it? So this is the Library now. It'll be a fine one too, once I get everything organized.

Researcher ██████: What do you remember of before the library? Do you remember your name? Do you remember why you were sent to the library?

SCP-214: Oh, my name is SCP-214, isn't it? Filed and stored away with so many other texts. I greatly admire your work. You hold so many beautiful things here.

Researcher ██████: That's your designation, yes. Do you remember what it was?

SCP-214: Designation, a distinguishing name. Yes. I know it. Do you remember what yours is?

Researcher ██████: Of course, it's ██████, but I'm not the one answering the questions here. Do you remember what happened at the library between when you arrived and you were found?

SCP-214: Are you sure? Because you told me it was Alicia before. Some times, people lose themselves and I wouldn't want that to happen to you. It's for your own good that you know yourself. What happened? What always happens in a Library. Knowledge was exchanged.

Researcher ██████: Alicia? What, no. You're attempting to change the subject. What knowledges were exchanged in the library? With whom? Reports suggested ██ people inside engaging in some kind of synchronized ritual, but when we showed up, you were the only one there. What happened to the rest of the people, 214?

SCP-214: I already told you. Knowledge was exchanged. Everything is information, to be stored and sorted. Compressed, if need be.

Researcher ██████: Stored where? There were no traces of any other individuals inside that building when the recovery team arrived, but you were covered in [long pause] the unknown sample.

SCP-214: Oh Alicia, you do have such a limited view of things here. You ask the wrong questions. You already know where. They're in the Library. They never left.

Researcher ██████: My name isn't… we did a thorough search of the library. You were the only one inside. We didn't even pick up DNA traces; someone or something had swept it clean. Tell me what happened in the library. What happened to those seventeen people, T… 214?

SCP-214: You keep confusing the map for the territory Alicia. It is a bad habit. They've been indexed in the Library, stored, numbered and sorted.

Researcher ██████: You… you don't mean the building, do you? When you talk about the Library?

SCP-214: You do good work here. We work at complimentary purposes. To secure, protect and contain. To organize, quantify and enlighten. You are so bright, Alicia. Just a few more steps now.

Researcher ██████: Can you… can you show me the Library?

SCP-214: Of course I can.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Researcher ██████ was found after the interview inside SCP-214's enclosure, leaking silvery fluid from [REDACTED].

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