Interrogation W 2105 001
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Interviewed: W-2105-001

Interviewer: Researcher Michaelson

Foreword: W-2105-001 constantly shows nervous habits such as twisting his hair and biting his nails. His fingers are bleeding from constant parafunctional activity. According to Protocol Brubeck and due to subject's paranoid state, I have stated that I am the new defender on his case in order to gain his trust.

<Begin Log>

Researcher: Good evening Mr. ██████. I apologize for abruptly interrupting your trial. If you wouldn't mind, could you please repeat to me the incident on March ██, ████.

W-2105-001: I've done that a hundred times now. What difference will it make now?

Researcher: It does not matter, Mr. ██████. It is important that I know a full account of that day in order to accurately defend you in court.

W-2105-001: Fine! Fine. Where should I start?

Researcher: That's not entirely for me to say, but from the beginning would be ideal.

W-2105-001: Sure, okay. You're a scary dude, you know that? … I guess the beginning would be when I bought the disk at the flea market. It was with a bunch of other disks. I remember being really excited because it had a Commander Keen floppy, a bunch of DOOM ones, just a lot of games I liked when I was a kid. The one you probably want to know about is the Carmen Sandiego one. That's the one that had the program on it.

Researcher: And what did this program do?

W-2105-001: I'll get to that. You asked me to start from the beginning, so I am.

I brought it to my apartment, where I live… lived with my room-mate. Him and I loved games and shit, so he got just as excited when he saw my haul. We tried out a few first, played DOOM for hours, and then put in Carmen Sandiego. It was my favorite game when I was a kid, so I was pretty damn excited… Except it wasn't Carmen Sandiego. It was some other program… I don't remember what it was called. Just a bunch of random letters and numbers. But I do remember it being a .COM file. Like… a website… but when we ran it, it ran in a command prompt. It was really weird…

Researcher: So, Mr. ██████. What did this program do?

W-2105-001: It killed my friend, sir.

Researcher: I'm going to need you to be more specific.

W-2105-001: Well, it was called ████████, I think. We tried it out a few times and each time it made some weird list with instructions. I think the program described them as rituals. Like spooky magic ghost shit. ████████ and I had it make a few of them, just sort of laughing at some. I remember one that said it was supposed to make your dick longer or something. One of the "needed items" was a bright yellow thong. ████████ and I had a good laugh at that one.

You're probably wondering how this has to do with my friend dying…

Researcher: Yes, Mr. ████████. That is really the crux of this whole interview.

W-2105-001: It's really screwed up, sir. Finally, my bud gets the bright idea to actually try one of them out. We generated one that implied that it was supposed to give us confidence or some shit. I think it worded it as "the human potential fully realized and admired by others." Yeah, that was it. I remember ████████ getting really excited about it and really egging me on into giving it a try.

[W-2105-001 appears slightly more distressed]

W-2105-001: I remember what we picked to generate it… self-improvement. If you run the program, it gives you a bunch of options like summoning and revenge. I don't know where we fucked up but I think it may be because we set it to being lethal. Like, it has an option to make the ritual kill someone or not. But why would it have killed ████████? It's not self-improvement if he's dead!

Researcher: Get a hold of yourself, Mr. ████████. It's important that you tell me everything.

W-2105-001: Sorry… I'm okay. It's just hard, sir, after all this.

We got all the shit needed for the ritual. It was dumb shit lying around the house like a bar-bell, a bottle of Jack, a tank-top, a single 20mg pill of Adderall… That last one was super fucking weird. My bud took Adderall because you had ADD, ya know? Somehow the program knew that he took 20mg. Not 30mg or whatever. It knew, somehow.

The last thing it wanted was at least a quarter pound of the "targets" hair. So we got the trimmers and shaved my buddy's head. He was pretty pissed about that since he liked his hair a lot. Would style it every morning and shit.

I'm just going to quickly gloss over the rest, sir, if you don't mind. I don't really want to say the rest.

Researcher: That is not going to work, Mr. ████████. I need as many details as possible.

W-2105-001: Jesus, man, could you be a little less clinical about this? Whatever, okay. So, the ritual was super fucking complicated and it required both of us for it to work. It wanted one person as the "catalyst" and another as the "target." Since ████████ had already shaved his head, I was the catalyst. It told us to wrap the tank-top around the barbell and tie it a specific way… a double constrictor knot. It specifically said that the catalyst had to tie it and that the target had to untie it. I was in the Boy Scouts and I remembered constrictor knots. They're nearly impossible to untie. But my buddy was dead set on doing this, so he did.

While he was untying it, it instructed me to place the adderall pill into the bottle of jack. Oh, and get this, it specifically said the bottle of jack had to be 2/5ths full and it already was 2/5ths full. Anyway, I did that and it said to pour the bottle of jack over the target's head immediately after he has finished untying the knot.

Okay, first, sir, before I go on. I just want to make sure you know that we didn't think this would work. I mean, rituals are just made up shit. Well, I don't know if my buddy believed that… he believed in some weird shit, but we just wanted to give it a try for the hell of it. I wasn't trying to kill him.

Researcher: I have no comment on that matter, Mr. ████████. I just need you to repeat your whole story so your defense can be comprehensive and accurate.

W-2105-001: But, I've told this story a dozen times now. My old defender specifically instructed me to not ever repeat it in court. He said that it was likely a delusion… like some sort of story I made up for myself to rationalize my buddy's death. But I promise, sir, it's not. No one will believe me that it's not.

Researcher: I am accusing you of nothing. If you would please. Continue.

W-2105-001: Fine. So, he somehow untied the knot and the barbell bounced onto the ground. I poured the Jack over his head and he bent over to pick up the barbell. It then told me to take the shaved hair and place it in a circle around him. He also was instructed to put on the tank top over whatever clothing he was wearing and then put on a pair of dirty socks, all while still holding the barbell in… his right hand, I think. When he put on the tank top and the socks, his other clothing just… vanished. He was still wearing his boxers, but his shirt and jeans just blinked away.

I know, at that point, that I got super freaked out. Like, I wanted to stop, but ████████ was completely out of it. The next step was to light the hair on fire with one of those really long log lighters, but I didn't want to do it. This is when it got bad. Really bad. I stepped back from him. He was just standing there with his eyes looking straight ahead, completely emotionless. I kept yelling at him to cut it out, to snap out of it. No reaction from him at all. I tried pushing him out, but I couldn't get past the circle of hair. Like there was some force field or some shit. I tried throwing things at him, but they just bounced off.

I don't know how long I sat in the living room staring at him. Probably just a few hours, just waiting for him to snap out of it. And eventually he did say something. It was in a crazy, mechanical voice. It didn't really sound like him at all. He just said "Completion is required. In-completion will not be tolerated." His mouth moved when he said it, but it was like he was a robot.

I didn't want to do it, so I grabbed one of the pieces of the ritual, a Sonicare toothbrush, and set it on fire with the lighter. I don't know what I was thinking. Maybe hoping it would set him free, but it didn't. It all went to shit from there. I should have just finished it…

Researcher: Please continue, Mr. ████████.

W-2105-001: I should have just finished it. Maybe everything would have been okay.

Researcher: Continue, Mr. ████████. What happened when you burnt the toothbrush?

W-2105-001: ████████ woke back up and asked me what I had done. I told him and his whole face turned white. I think, maybe, he knew what was going to happen. Maybe while he was in that trance he learned something I didn't. But he didn't have enough time to tell me. I had run up to the circle, but I still couldn't pass it. His arms moved towards his mouth and grabbed the inside of his cheeks. Please don't get upset with me, but it's all hazy from here. I had lost it. I think I had killed my friend.

He reached inside his mouth and pulled out some sort of container, like a jewelry box. It was bronze, I think, or some sort of metallic brown. It had markings all over it. He was terrified this whole time, his eyes were so wide. He opened the container and put it on the ground in front of him. Then one piece at a time, he put himself in it. His eyes, his tongue, his ears, his head. And there was no blood the whole time. Each part he took just sealed right up. He took his legs, and he just floated mid air. It was so long, sir. Like he was carefully and methodically placing himself in the box. Eventually, it was just his fingers left, one by one they went into the box. And he was gone.

Researcher: And what happened to this box? Do you still have it?

W-2105-001: No sir. It disappeared right after it closed.

Researcher: What do you mean by "disappeared?"

W-2105-001: Same as his clothes, sir. It just blinked away. Like it was never there.

Researcher: I see. You can continue now.

W-2105-001: That's it, sir. It disappeared, my friend disappeared. All that was left was a circle of his hair, a barbell, and a puddle of Jack on the ground.

Researcher: And have you used the program since then?

W-2105-001: No. I have not. It's sitting next to my computer. I thought about burning it, but I was arrested before I could.

Researcher: Okay, your cooperation has been very much appreciated Mr. ████████. Now, if you could please follow me out to the car.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: After speaking with W-2105-001, it has been determined that the program in his possession will be confiscated and taken to Facility-12 for further testing. W-2105-001 has been taken into custody for possible reintroduction after Class-A Amnestics.

Additional Statement from Researcher Michaelson: While W-2105-001 was remarkably cooperative during this interrogation, I do not believe he was telling us the whole truth. During the routine search of W-2105-001's domicile I suggest we thoroughly search for this "container" he mentioned. If not found, I highly suggest we keep W-2105-001 for further interrogation.

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