Interlude: An Internal Memo Regarding a Theft
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Below are provided the documents you requested.

Log of breach at Site 62 on ██/██/████.

██/██/██, 0134 HOURS: Unknown entity manifests outside Site 62's main entrance. Security personnel panic and flee.

██/██/██, 0140 HOURS: Unknown entity opens Site 62's main entrance doors. Video feeds overcome with static for a period of 36 seconds. Video blackout follows possible route of entity through Site.

██/██/██, 0203 HOURS: Unknown entity reported by personnel. Entity headed towards inanimate SCP storage vaults. Security teams tasked to contain entity.

██/██/██, 0220 HOURS: Security team incapacitated by entity. Entity exits Site unopposed. Video interference ceases. Security later universally reports an overwhelming feeling of terror preventing them from acting against the entity.

██/██/██, 0310 HOURS: Inventory check for Site 62 reveals the absence of SCP-573.

██/██/██, 0316 HOURS: Warning sent out to all sites to be on guard for entity.

Unknown entity determined to be SCP-303 through forensics and SCP database inquiry. Zero encounters with SCP-303 had been logged since ██/██/████ (167 days before containment breach at Site 62).

██/██/██, 1817 HOURS: Personnel at Site ██ report feelings of unease and panic. As Site ██ is situated in the Rocky Mountains, it was put on lockdown while nearby Sites were contacted.

██/██/██, 1822 HOURS: All Site ██'s video feeds disrupted. Power fails, emergency distress signal activated.

██/██/██, 1859 HOURS: Distress signal deactivates automatically. Site unresponsive to outside contact.

██/██/██, 2011 HOURS: MTF Alpha-16 arrives at Site ██. All personnel found dead of evisceration, or remain missing.

██/██/██, 2113 HOURS: MTF fails to verify location of anomaly housed at Site ██. SCP-899 declared missing.

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