Internal Investigation (I-49274)
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(EST. 1835)

Western Kyushu Power Station.1
March 8th, 1968
  • Chaos Insurgency Employee Taro Yamada
  • Internal Investigator James Loope2
  • Lesser Foreman Masanori Amakusa3
  • Security Officer Romi Kim4
  • Worker Repairman Kanako Izumi5
  • Receptionist Suzuko Kaneshiro6
  • Factory workers directly subordinate to Lesser Foreman Masanori Amakusa

During the two weeks prior to March 8th, 1968, Lesser Foreman Masanori Amakusa has been late by an average of 0.8 seconds.


Lesser Foreman Masanori Amakusa was not present at his workstation on March 8th, 1968. Security Officer Romi Kim searched for the MIA employee, and found Lesser Foreman Masanori Amakusa to be murdered in his personal quarters on the same day.7


Worker Repairman Kanako Izumi inspected the carcass of Lesser Foreman Masanori Amakusa to report cause of death. Findings verify that cause of death is indeed murder:

The murder victim's neck was broken using a rope around his neck, dangling from the ceiling of his personal quarters. Only his fingerprints are present on the rope. A tipped-off stool rests below the murder victim's position.

Yes, this has to be a murder.

- Worker Repairman Kanako Izumi

Due to the relatively high profile of the murder, the regional manager of the Western Kyushu region, Regional Manager Shichiro Ginma,8 has dispatched Internal Investigator James Loope to identify the murderer. Internal Investigator James Loope added his opinion on the murder:

I agree that Amakusa's death is murder. The Factory has many rivals, seeking to liquidate this lovely Factory like old Supes burning some poor soul's noggin with his laser eyes. This murder is a clear attempt to ruin the Factory's good work in Western Kyushu. I'll not let this trickery snowball into another October of '29.

- Internal Investigator James Loope

Actor Action Factory Response

Internal Investigator James Loope arrived at Western Kyushu Power Station. Upon arrival, Receptionist Suzuko Kaneshiro presented Internal Investigator James Loope with a memorandum dictated by Elder Foreman Hiroshi Al'uth9 and transcribed by former Receptionist Yui Hatsuki.10 Memorandum contains Elder Foreman's opinion regarding the murder.11

Internal Investigator James Loope began interrogation of Security Officer Romi Kim, the first Factory employee who identified the murder victim.12

Security Officer Romi Kim was highly cooperative, and has provided a lead regarding the murder.13

Internal Investigator James Loope followed the lead given by Security Officer Romi Kim, and searched for additional clues in the exterior of Western Kyushu Power Station.

Chaos Insurgency Employee Taro Yamada – unidentified at that moment – was sighted in the exterior of Western Kyushu Power Station. He was holding a camera in his hands.

Internal Investigator James Loope successfully apprehended Chaos Insurgency Taro Yamada following a brief fistfight between the two actors.14

Chaos Insurgency Employee Taro Yamada claimed to be a journalist from Kumamoto Nichinichi Shimbun, who is attempting to cover the recent deaths in Western Kyushu.15

Internal Investigator James Loope continued with interrogation.16

Chaos Insurgency Employee Taro Yamada confessed his affiliation to the Chaos Insurgency, tasked with identifying the Chaos Insurgency's rival companies in Kyushu.17 Internal Investigator James Loope continued with interrogation.18
Chaos Insurgency Employee Taro Yamada repeated his initial confession regarding his ties to the Chaos Insurgency. Internal Investigator James Loope left the interrogation room.19

Elder Foreman Hiroshi Al'uth entered the interrogation room.

Screams can be heard from the interrogation room.

Elder Foreman Hiroshi Al'uth left the interrogation room.

Internal Investigator James Loope returned to the interrogation room.

Chaos Insurgency Employee Taro Yamada confessed to his involvement in the murder of Lesser Foreman Masanori Amakusa.20

Penalty will be administered to the murderer. Carcass of Lesser Foreman Masanori Amakusa will be deposited in the Central Furnace.


Chaos Insurgency Employee Taro Yamada formally apologised to all Factory workers in Western Kyushu Power Station for his disruption of their much-valued labour.21

He also donated all of his assets to the Factory as compensation. After which, Yamada willingly entered the Central Furnace in order to have his raw materials processed to fuel the Central Furnace. Employees have commented on Yamada's declaration.22

Surveillance footage of the order of events were sent to the Hong Kong Public Relations Centre,23 where they will be edited into a documentary video to be sold to all rival companies.24

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