Intermission: World Unglued

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Residents across Three Portlands were alarmed late last night when disruptions were experienced in multiple essential city services.

At approximately 11:45 PM 8/08/24, many citizens reported a sudden cessation of city services such as water, electricity, intranet connectivity, cell service, visible light, structural integrity, and breathable atmosphere.

All contact has been lost with Earth and other pocket universes, including the Wanderer's Library; all Ways from the city currently appear to be sealed or severed. Even the iconic metaphysical shadows of the Ancestor Portlands' landmarks on Earth are nowhere to be seen.

As of this writing, no attempts to reach the Mayor for comment have been successful, primarily due to the 30-foot plume of flame currently enveloping Three Portlands City Hall.

Relevant authorities have advised all residents to remain in a safe place, such as a cellar or ethereal dome, until more information on the crisis can be ascertained



#3ports the news article I was reading has faded away mid-sentence. is anyone else experiencing an issue with syntax visibility?
  • ECHOES 22
  • HUMS 54

1:04 AM - 9 August 2024



#3ports What's with all the fire? Isn't unscheduled arson illegal?
  • ECHOES 41
  • HUMS 82

1:10 AM - 9 August 2024


Maxwell's Angel

Any other #deer students want to help me conduct a seance to see if Earth is dead? there will be alcohol #3ports
  • ECHOES 13
  • HUMS 57

1:19 AM - 9 August 2024


Fair Trade Cyborg

Whoever made the stars go away, cut it out. You're screwing with my horoscope. #rude #3ports
  • ECHOES 4
  • HUMS 16

1:22 AM - 9 August 2024


Nikita's Discount Gear

If you wish to avoid the noxious gas enveloping Terminal Ave., come to the gear shop at 4445. Our gas mask filters are very affordable. #3ports
  • ECHOES 68
  • HUMS 126

1:35 AM - 9 August 2024


Joyce Rand

Has anyone been able to get in contact with Earth? I have a really important call tomorrow. #3ports
  • ECHOES 52
  • HUMS 123

1:38 AM - 9 August 2024


Barbara Dunkley

When I moved to #3ports I was NOT expecting my house to be enveloped in writhing liquid asphalt that sings an eldritch melody once-forgotten.
  • ECHOES 69
  • HUMS 140

1:42 AM - 9 August 2024



have information on two mysterious figures seen leaving city hall before fire. will give info to police in exchange for immunity. #3ports
  • ECHOES 51
  • HUMS 136

1:47 AM - 9 August 2024


Bark's Animal Containment

Hey there partners! This is an automated warning about a technical fault in [CYBER-KENNELS]. Be on the lookout for [WOLVES] and let us know if you see any! #3ports
  • ECHOES 133
  • HUMS 204

1:57 AM - 9 August 2024


Anomalous Elon Musk

my sky-condominium has been unmoored and is now adrift. the city is getting smaller. please help #3ports
  • ECHOES 37
  • HUMS 88

2:03 AM - 9 August 2024


The Alleged User

If you live in the Docks District DO NOT go outside. While the streets appear firm they are in fact liquid. #3ports
  • ECHOES 139
  • HUMS 264

2:16 AM - 9 August 2024



#3ports Hey, how long is this intranet even going to last? Lots of places don't even have power rn. maybe we should plan ahead


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