Interlude - Drift
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Written by Wilt                                                                                                                            

0855, 9/18/19██ - Command Site-206 receives a transmission from SCPS Jonah. SCPS Jonah, formerly USS ████████, had recently been sent to the █████ █████████ archipelago with MTF Gamma-6 to investigate unusual phenomena around the area.

Ɣ6-0204: This is ████ ███████ of Mobile Task Force Gamma-6, designation 0204, sending from SCPS Jonah. We think we've discovered the nature of the anomaly.

Operator: This is Command Site-206. What's the nature of your discovery, ███████?

Ɣ6-0204: Well, we have a doctor here, a Dr. ████████, who says the islands, uh, moved.

Operator: Repeat that?

Ɣ6-0204: Command, they moved. A whole three kilometers. Dr. ████████ thought it might have just been some weird continental drift or something - the islands get tremors pretty frequently - but we went and did a full reconnaissance of the islands. We're pretty sure we know what happened.

Operator: And?

Ɣ6-0204: The islands aren't rock, Command. They're organic. Like, alive.

Operator: What exactly do you mean by that?

Ɣ6-0204: Alive, sir. We had a few people dive down and check the rock below. It's the same as low as we can go. We, uh, we think it's on top of something.

Operator: Stand by.

Ɣ6-0204: Roger.

Dr. ████: Gamma-6, this is Dr. ████. I've been told of the nature of your discovery. Resources are now en route to your position. Very specialized resources, with specialized equipment and specialized personnel.

Ɣ6-0204: Dr. ████, we still have men out on the islands. We're armed with researchers. We're fully capable of continuing investigation.

Dr. ████: Gamma-6, your assignment is, as of now, to maintain current position and await further orders. Please retrieve your team on the islands and wait for the arrival of SCPS Guardian. That is all.

Ɣ6-0204: Yes, sir.

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