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Agent Erika Sarin sighed for a moment before raising her megaphone once more. "Okay, ladies and gentlemen," she said, her voice booming over the school parking lot. "I need you to follow the men in labcoats, please, for decontamination and testing. Boys go to this tent, girls to that one." Sarin gestured like an airline stewardess pointing out those incredibly convenient exits everyone hopes they'll never need to use, then walked briskly to Dr. Krell in the basketball courts, pushing aside gaggles of confused students and teachers.

"At approximately 9 AM this morning," said the dispassionate voice of Dr. Alan Krell, "a burst of noise on all radio bands came from this location, somewhere inside Eastwood High School. We were able to triangulate the source, but the noise is still unidentified. Arriving here, you may or may not have noticed that half of the student body - about 800 students - disappeared, by which I mean the north half of the school went completely empty."

"That would usually mean a day off for us," said Agent Dunford.

"Pieholes shut during briefings, please," Dr. Krell said without missing a beat. "Questions from local law enforcement and civilians have been quelled for the moment by Agent Young. We're from a poison control center, you got that? Type three chemical grenades have been detonated for deniability, so keep your gas masks on if you want your blood to continue staying inside your body."

He turned for a moment to look at the building. It looked, aside from the Foundation personnel milling about, like an utterly normal high school.

"How many casualties have we got so far?" said Dr. Krell.

"Eleven students, aaaand…" Agent Jacobsen scanned his clipboard. "Two faculty."

"Alright then. All of you get inside. Make sure your walkie-talkies are on channel 4. Take note of any and all anomalies."

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