Files intercepted from Anderson Systems personnel
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White Suit -

I've no advantage by giving you this, so think about that before you accuse me of lying. This is a collection of documents I've appropriated from some servers at the Anderson Complex. You might find them interesting, given our last conversation.


SL00195 | NAME MACHINE | 06/23/2077


ORIGIN: Vikram Ali, Project SL00195 Lead, Simurgh Lab

UPDATES: Prototype SL000195/Alpha is set for secure transportation from Las Cruces Facility to Anderson Complex at New Portland. Transporters will arrive at 4am local time with appropriate credentials. Please have the prototype disassembled and ready for transport. Thank you.

From: Vikram Ali
To: Clark MacMillan
Subject: RE: Transfer?
Date: 06/24/2077

Hey Clark —

I totally understand your hesitation. SL00195 is your baby, I get it. We all have our pet projects! But the fact of the matter is that the Complex is better-funded and better-equipped to handle this project, especially since the Date of Sale is in a couple of months. The Foundation really doesn't like late deliveries, haha. But don't worry. I'll be sure to let the team in New Portland know that they can call you up for any technical advice or inquiries. In the meantime, you've still got the DeVry Core for a month or two. Try to iron out the kinks with the power supply, yeah? Keep me in the loop πŸ‘!

Vikram Ali
Senior Product Manager

Test Result
Small bowl of tap water. White lab mouse. SL00195 activated in test chamber in presence of items. After a moment, the bowl of tap water ambulated to the mouse and spent several seconds drinking half of it.
Small bowl of tap water. White lab mouse. Semantically null sphere. SL00195 activated in test chamber in presence of items. After a moment, a gust of wind caused half of the mouse to hit the bowl and roll off the table. The bowl attempted to drink from the null sphere, but failed.

Anderson Systems Employee Communications System

AJ.Hartsfeld9814: first tests go well?
YT.Kwame2305: Yeah! We decided to start small, so just trying to see if we had managed to fully adapt the Semantic Dissociator's effects.
AJ.Hartsfeld9814: well, don't keep me waiting…
YT.Kwame2305: It works! We managed to isolate the identifiers from a mouse and swap them with some water. Then introduced an object with no qualities to mix it up. It's absolutely freaky to see, I have to say. We're planning on moving forward to human testing, now that we know the pulses don't kill anything in the same room.
AJ.Hartsfeld9814: that's crazy, I didn't actually think we'd get this far. figured we'd do half the work, the foundation would get mad we weren't rushing the contract, and then pay tou-hei to do it at half the price.
YT.Kwame2305: They've already shared SCP-1539 with us, I can't imagine they'd want to involve another party.
AJ.Hartsfeld9814: right… makes you wonder though, right?
YT.Kwame2305: What do you mean?
AJ.Hartsfeld9814: foundation isn't exactly the research for the sake of curiosity type, they'd rather lock things up and throw away the key. they must want this tech bad if they're willing to pay us a small fortune and share ancient pre-Veil research and anomalies with us. and i for one can't imagine any practical applications for this in their line of work.
YT.Kwame2305: It is a bit strange, I suppose. But we've had weirder requests, and if they're paying, they're paying. I'll talk to Vikram tomorrow, let him know.

Test Result
Volunteers Charles Tems and Sarah Thayer SL00195 activated in test chamber. No change registered after a moment. C Tems attempted to exit the testing chamber, but the access system rejected her temporary credentials. S Thayer was unable to unlock his datapad through facial scan, thumbprint, or proximity.
Volunteers Charles Tems and Sarah Thayer SL00195 activated in test chamber. No change registered after a moment. C Tems successfully exited the chamber using his temporary credentials. S Thayer was able to unlock her datapad using all three methods with no errors.




NOTICE: Unidentified persons have been sighted on Complex grounds, particularly in maintenance hallways and service corridors near Simurgh Labs Annex SL00195. Presence on camera feeds of black silhouettes indicates that the individual or individuals are using some form of identity-masking technology. Please be vigilant of your security credentials, and report any and all suspicious activity or persons to site security.

Test Result
Single semantically null individual1 SL00195 configured to construct a new build rather than swap builds. SL00195 activated in test chamber. John Doe, a 35 year old white male, stood up from chair, and walked around testing area. Self-identified as "John Doe" during conversation with no prior knowledge of SL00195 settings or effects.

Audio Recorded by Vikram Ali's Personal Assistant Program, 8/26/2077

V.A: That was good, I need to come here more often.

[UNKNOWN]: The filet mignon is to die for. So - how's progress?

V.A: We hit your final benchmark just the other day.

[UNKNOWN]: Successful fabrication of an identity from scratch?

V.A: Yep.

[UNKNOWN]: How'd you confirm it?

V.A: We used an identityless Factotum from the Factory, one of the old cheap ones. Configured the Name Machine to construct a false identity for them, according to our settings. Fired it, and we were looking at someone everyone agreed was John Doe, age 35.

([UNKNOWN] whistles.)

[UNKNOWN]: Impressive.

V.A: As is the payment, I'm sure.

[UNKNOWN]: Naturally. I'll have the Finance Division arrange the transfer as soon as we have the product in front of us for the demo.

V.A: Shouldn't be more than a few weeks now.

[UNKNOWN]: Alright. Pleasure doing business.

V.A: As always. Hey - normally I don't do this, but what are you guys planning to do with it? This seems far from your wheelhouse.


[UNKNOWN]: Sorry, I'm afraid I couldn't tell you even if I knew. I'm sure it's very important to somebody, though.

I thought you might find that intriguing. I wasn't lying. The Name Machine is real, and it builds identities. Come find me if you're interested.

- Nobody

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