Instagram Fan Art Contest Fall 2021


The SCP Foundation Wiki is known for the awesome stories, characters, and SCPs created by our wonderful authors. A more overlooked aspect of this community is the tons of fantastic artists that bring these creations to life. This contest is meant to promote these artists and give them a fun way to share their creations with the community.

Modern SCP's: We all love the classics, but there are hundreds of newer SCP just waiting to be explored… This contest's theme will require artists to submit art chosen from Series IV to VII and the corresponding tales series!



Here are both our community voted winners, and our mods' choice bonus winners. Congratulations to them, but also many thanks to everyone who took part!

Community Winners:
1st – ariella.yann (ft. SCP-3090)
2nd – jesusd_pnts (ft. SCP-4971)
3rd – _jadeitor_ (ft. SCP-4975)

Bonus Winners:
Fungiwhale (ft. SCP-5075)
Krusekis (ft. SCP-3388)
Meat_story (ft. SCP-4319, JGT GoI)

See the rest of the contest entries over on our Instagram page!


  • All art must be 100% original content created by the contestant. (Any stolen/plagiarised/traced media will lead to immediate disqualification and the submitter will be blocked from the page.)
  • No memes. There is a good possibility that we will hold a meme contest in the future, but this is not that.
  • Each contestant may only enter 1 submission.
  • Contestants caught trash-talking or being overly rude on theirs or other contestant's posts will be disqualified.

How to Enter:

  • Pick an aspect of the SCP universe that fits the theme and create your fan art. Art can be done on any medium, E.g: painting, digital, drawing, sculpture, animation, etc.
  • Format your art for Instagram.
  • From November 20thNovember 25 submit your art via DM to the @scpfoundationwiki Instagram account or SCP Wiki Facebook (Your message should include your art, the character, Goi, scp, etc. depicted, and your username. If you'd like, a short one-sentence descriptor for your piece can be included.)
  • From November 26thNovember 30th each submission will be posted to the SCP Instagram account and the creator will be tagged. (To ensure fairness, entries will be posted in order of submission.)
  • November 26thDecember 11th voting will be done through Instagram and Facebook likes.
  • Wait for the results!

Categories and Prizes:

The winners will be decided based on highest votes (likes) in each category as , the TOP 2 submissions will each receive a prize.

Voting will decide the top 3 winners, who will receive the following prizes:

3nd Place: A week-long shout-out (featuring art of your choosing) on the SCP Foundation Wiki's Instagram highlights.

2nd Place: A two-week-long shout-out (featuring art of your choosing) on the SCP Foundation Wiki's Instagram highlights.

1st Place: A month-long shout-out (featuring art of your choosing) on the SCP Foundation Wiki's Instagram highlights.

Mod's Choice Bonus Winners A total of three "bonus winners" will be selected by the SCP Wiki Instagram moderators based on predetermined criteria. This criteria is as follows:

1. Technical skill (how much skill, time, and process was put into making this piece?)
2. Most Unique Interpretation (how abstract is the art based on its source material?)
3. More obscure content used (tales, GoIs, WL references, ect)

Each bonus winner will receive one week of exposure on the SCP Wiki's Facebook platform.

Important Dates:

November 20th Contest submissions begin.

November 25th: Contest submissions close.

November 26th: Posting of entries begins, as well as voting.

November 30th: Posting ends.

December 11th: Voting period ends.

December 12th: Winners will be announced on the SCP Foundation Instagram, Facebook, and on this page.

January 1st-30th: Prize period.

If you have any questions regarding the contest feel free to DM the @scpfoundationwiki Instagram page or Wikidot PM DrAkimotoDrAkimoto or UncertaintyCrossingUncertaintyCrossing

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