Initial Contact Log SCP-939
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The following is a transcript of radio traffic between the on-scene commander (Trapper Home) and subordinate fire teams (Trapper 1, 2, and 3) of Site-██'s tactical contact security force designated "Trapper" during the initial contact with and recovery of SCP-939. Trapper was deployed to the outskirts of ██████████, ██████████ on 10/28/1981, following the disappearance of a Foundation field agent. The agent was investigating a number of localized missing persons cases, as well the loss of contact with several law enforcement officers dispatched to investigate these cases, in the area.

<Begin transcript>

Trapper Home: All right, let's get those comm checks people. Those field masks were giving your VOX a hell of a time last time out.

Agent Washburne (Trapper One Lead): Trapper Home, Trapper Two, Trapper Three, this is One, radio check, over.

Agent Michaels (Trapper Two Lead): Lima Charlie, One.

Agent Shandrick (Trapper Three Lead): Gotcha, One.

Trapper Home: All stations, I have you loud and clear. Be advised, your teams are go for entry. Trapper One, weapons tight.

Agent Washburne (T1L): Solid copy, Home. Three, stand by with Home, you know your job. Two, keep your team tight on my flank after we breach.

Agent Michaels (T2L): Copy, One.

Agent Washburne (T1L): One, stack up.

<Members of Trapper One can be heard acknowledging Trapper One Lead's command.>

Agent Washburne (T1L): Execute.

Agent Nicholas (Trapper One): All right, that water charge goes in 5.

<Water charge detonates>

Agent Nicholas (T1): Stairs, front! Clear left!

Agent Roland (Trapper One): Door, right! Right side, clear.

Agent Michaels (T2L): Overhead's clear.

Agent Harrison (Trapper Two): Thompson, on me. Cross. Room clear.

Agent Washburne (T1L): Trapper Home, Trapper One and Two reporting no contact. Two, secure that passageway, mark your territory, and then follow my team down. Keep an eye out for our man, and call it when you come down; I don't want any blue on blue, solid?

Agent Michaels (T2L): Copy, One.

Agent Washburne (T1L): Hoskins, you've got point.

Agent Hoskins (Trapper One): Roger that. Movin' up.

Agent Washburne (T1L): Trapper Home, this is One; be advised we are moving further into the structure, down a ladderwell, over.

Trapper Home: Solid copy, One. Proceed, over.

<Members of Trapper One can be heard calling out doorways and landing as they move further down the stairs.>

Agent Washburne (T1L): Trapper Home, be advised: I'm starting to smell something rotten down here, and it's pretty strong. Something's been dead for a while… stand by… Team, halt. Home, I'm looking at some shredded clothing down here. No bodies, just the clothes, and nothing that looks like our man. There's the cop…

Agent Hoskins (T1): Jesus man, look at that… it looks like something just took a huge bite outta that vest…

Trapper Home: Lock it up down there, One. Washburne, get back on track.

Agent Washburne (T1L): Copy, Home. Trapper Two, watch yourselves. Something around our pos has an appetite, and it looks like it's got a pretty mean bite.

Agent Michaels (T2L): Solid, One. We're almost done up here. If our Agent's here, he's down there with you guys. We'll be down as soon as we-

<A muffled human voice is audible through Agent Washburne's VOX feed, unintelligible and distant.>

Agent Washburne (T1L): One and Two, freeze.

<Unknown source: Help me! Jesus Christ! Somebody!>

Agent Washburne (T1L): Home, Two, I think we've got our man. Hustle up, people.

<Trapper One can be heard moving quickly through the structure. The cry for help is again audible.>

Agent Washburne (T1L): Home, we've reached the source of the noise. We're about to get our Agent back. Two, have Doc prep the trauma bag; this guy sounds like he's in bad shape. Hoskins, do it!

<Two shotgun reports, sound of door slamming on floor>

<Immediate sustained gunfire>

Agent Washburne (T1L): Home, contact! Two, get the fuck down here! Roland, pull back!

Agent Nicholas (T1): Hoskins is down! Shit!

Agent Washburne (T1L): Roland, on your right! Two, hurry the fuck up!

Agent Michaels (T2L): One, what the hell's going on down there?

<Gunfire ceases>

Agent Michaels (T2L): Trapper One! Sound off!

<Agent Washburne, shouting off comm: Two, get the fuck down here, Hoskins is down! Hurry the fuck up!>

Agent Michaels (T2L): Copy one! Harrison, Thompson, you're coming with me. Gabardi, stay with Doc.

<Trapper Two can be heard acknowledging Trapper Two Lead's order.>

Agent Michaels (T2L): Home, One, be advised, Two is en route to One's last position.

<Agent Washburne can be heard cursing over Agent Michaels’ VOX feed.>

Agent Michaels (T2L): One, be advised, your radio's not broadcasting; I can hear you, but you're- JESUS CHRIST! TWO, ENGAGE, ENGAGE!

<Immediate sustained gunfire>

Agent Michaels (T2L): Thompson, pick up the slack. Loading! Gun up! Guys, pull it back down the hallway. Harrison, suppress that doorway. Frag out!


Agent Michaels (T2L): Gabardi, Doc, get the 60 set, we're coming up. Trapper One's gone, and I'm dropping gas. Mask up. GAS GAS GAS!

<Three muffled popping sounds can be heard.>

Agent Michaels (T2L): Coming up the stairs!

Agent Harrison (T2): They're slowing down. Get Three, Michaels?

Agent Michaels (T2L): Home, we've deployed VX and need Three down here in MOPP for cleanup. Set up decon.

Agent Shandrick (T3L): Roger, Two, we're already on our way.

Agent Gabardi (T2): SHIT!


Agent Michaels (T2L): Whoa… Nice shot, Gabardi. Home, we've got an unconscious one. We're gonna need a mobile containment unit, and medical support for the candidate, I think it sucked down some VX. I'm not hearing any more movement down those stairs, Home.

Trapper Home: Copy, Two. Standby for linkup with Three, extricate the candidate, and hit decon. We're done here.

<End transcript>

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