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It was never meant to be known.
Always kept within.
Never to see light.
The unavoidable happened.

Out of its cage.
Off its leash.
It’s collar broken

My Library.
The pool of knowledge.

It will hunt me down.
My demise.

Ignorance falls upon them.
The majority sleep.
Eyes closed.
The ticking of a clock.

It breached.
The Trainman knows.
Origins. Not.

The Train goes to America.
The Cowboy enters.
It begins.

Eyes slightly open.
A search.
No superstition.
Invisible to the breach.
It might blow past.

The hands move around.
It ticks.
It tocks.
Some of them learn.

The Train starts back up.
A Cowboy at its controls.
Long journeys.
Several circles.

The Train stops.
A Pedestrian boards.
Worries. Fears. Complications.

A downward spiral.
It is no longer safe.
Remained frozen.
No one knows.

A trio of them.
Complication rise.
No one to watch with.

No friends.
It matters not.
None were supposed to be.

A Trio scavenge.
The lone Blackbird watches.
It became a Vulture.

More time.
Survival. Only with its assistance.
The clock mocks the unfortunate.

They saw the Vulture.
From the Garden center.
The Planter saw the vicious Bird.

A spiral of words.
They loomed.
Within a Myriad of flowers.
Mine had turned to ash.

The decrepit clock laughed.
It told me to run.
Suspicions it would cause.
Listen to it I ain’t.

The Pedestrian applies for a university.
Let into an archive.
A Professor, and The Archivist watch.

Shared knowledge.
The half now sleeps.
Eyes slightly open.

It’s being eliminated.
My chances.
Time acts as water.
It flows out of the lake.
Yet I still drown.

The far lander.
A Hermit.
Learns the wonders of a locomotive.
And of its Trainman.

The Hermit has its code broken
It gets abducted by the rampaging Cowboy.
A Harangue.
Turned agreement.
More problems.

A BlackBird and A Gardner.
Join a parade.
Sulfur in the air.
Smoke in the distance.
A Veteran spotted.

A story told.
Tea in hand.
They are the biggest fools.
Next to I.

Abandoned. Alone.
One of three other.
The middle man.
Left beside a Leader, and a Liar.

They gather.
Within shadows.
Fools. The lot of them.
They think they’ve been a secret.
I know them all.

I knew. I knew. I knew.
They can’t hide.
None of them ever could.
Ignorance falls upon them still.

A Liar is indicted.
Brought before a full council.
It started off in favor.
A deserved break.
It will blow past.

An error.
Data corrupted.
Evidence forged against.

Yet, a Liar let free.
A victory within inches.
Now massive failure arise..

They know.
Two left.
No time.

They know.
The twelve sleep.
With eyes fully open.

It laughs more.
It told me to run.
Suspicions already caused.
I must listen.

An undesirable end.
Although expected.
Eyes can deceive.
Always. Always. Always.

"O5-9 'The Secret Keeper' had left the aforementioned poem on his office desk. It is not much of a surprise, but O5-9 is currently missing and is suspected to have leaked highly classified information to multiple GoIs such as the Chaos Insurgency and the Global Occult Coalition. It seems that O5-9 has also dispensed sensitive information regarding us in the O5 council to some higher level staff within the Foundation. Those that have been exposed to the information are currently in the process of receiving amnestic treatment. On a more positive note; we have serval Mobile Task Force Alpha-1 units out on a worldwide manhunt in search of O5-9. In the meantime I propose all information regarding 'The Secret Keeper' to be expunged from all our records. That is all I have to say. Thank you"
O5-11 “The Liar” sitrep speech to the O5 council.

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