Security Breach Incident X23
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Security Breach Incident - X23: On ██/.██/██, SCP Site 19 breached by operatives from an organization known to the Foundation only as ‘The Serpent’s Hand’.

Site-19 Breach: The breach of Site-19 seems to have been the second of two break-ins into SCP properties by ██████████, known to the Foundation as “L.S.” This individual was responsible for a previous security breach, having coordinated the theft of SCP-268. Though [DATA EXPUNGED], it is evident from video surveillance that SCP-268 was involved in this infiltration. The intruder known as L.S. seems to have simply walked into Site-19.

The intrusion seems to have been for the purpose of using SCP-914. Knowledge of the intruder’s use of SCP-914 can only be assumed due to the intruders interruption of Dr. ██████ during routine testing. Dr. ██████ seems to have been [DATA EXPUNGED], resulting in the intrusion’s only personnel casualty.

SCP-407 seems to have been deleted from the Foundation's system during this time, so it can only be assumed the individuals involved are responsible. Whether this means the file has been completely destroyed, or possibly in the hands of this rogue group, is unknown.

A short printed note was found in SCP-914's chamber; this note is the only insight the Foundation currently has of the group responsible for this incident. [See Document X23-01]

Document X23-01:

Dear Sirs of the Foundation

Behind guns and protocol you hide; desperately chaining the ineffable, yourselves stuck within your own self-wrought pitiful cages of fear and ignorance. You think yourselves the shepherd guarding the flocks of the unwise o'er the night, but you are so shaken by doubt and fear than in your bewildered arrogance, you would vainly seek to chain the sun itself unto the heavens to hold back the daily night. The delivering angels themselves you contain with three digits and four walls. Do you not see the blindness with which you walk and swing your blade? On the final day, would you have us contain Black Surtr himself with measures and science, and condemn ourselves to rotten stagnancy as you hold back his pure cleansing fires?

I do not ask you not to act, but act with enlightenment and heart; neither should one be seduced by the dark nor blinded by the light, but walk firmly in the twilight and gaze unto all realms. Walk the World of Fire with bare feet and you will find yourself without the scars you never knew you had.

Alas, in your fears, you fail to see the Old Gods that we all are, and unable to accept this sovereignty, detain both thought and essence of those that would take man beyond the mundane. Do not be so eager to hold back the tides of unrelenting destruction, that you trample what brave weed that would dare grow in the monochrome world you wish to pave. Such blind order stiffles chaos, and what is chaos but life?

I leave you with one final truth; The Garden is the Serpent's place; the divinities of fear and order who come to walk in the cool evening air are only visitors. Do not fail to see the evil hiding in the light, nor the aromatic beauty of the palest flower of darkness.

Signed Sincerely,

P.S. - You’ll thank me for deleting what you call ‘407’

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