Incident Report WP-1
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Personnel involved: Agent Byrd, KIA; Agent Vospur, MIA assumed dead; MTF Chi-1 ("Golden Retrievers")

Date: 19/██/20██

Background: Agents Byrd and Vospur were deep-cover operatives assigned to investigate 'W██████ P█████████ Haulage, Ltd.' operating out of ████████, NY. The company came to the attention of the Foundation following anomalous high-power transmissions seemingly aimed at [REDACTED], abnormal employee turnover rates and chemical purchases matching [DATA EXPUNGED].

Description of incident: On 19/██, two weeks after insertion of the agents, Site-19 received a transmission from Agent Byrd, a transcript is provided below.

This is mobile twenty-nine. We were right about this place. Oh, God, they got Vospur. I woke up yesterday and he was just gone, no note no body, nothing. They probably took him to the crates… I've got proof of what they're doing here, and I ran it through their machine. The fuckers a…. Shit, they're gonna find me. Twenty-nine requesting extraction, ASAP. <signal terminates abruptly>

Following the receipt of this message, O5-██ ordered that Mobile Task Force Chi-1 ("Golden Retrievers") be sent to recover the Agents and any evidence they may have collected. Use of lethal force against employees of W██████ P█████████ Haulage, or any other personnel attempting to interfere was approved.

Upon arrival at the location, they found the warehouse that served as the company's HQ inexplicably abandoned, with little to no sign of use. On the lower level which housed the power and sewage infrastructure they found the body of Agent Byrd. The corpse was riddled with small puncture marks and heavily dehydrated, and the outer layers of skin had begun to disintegrate. Searching the body the team recovered a document written in an unknown script along with a small flash memory drive (see Addenda 1 and 2). Agent Liasi, leader of MTF Chi-1, ordered the body incinerated after samples of blood and skin tissue had been taken.

Although the MTF performed a full sweep of the warehouse and surrounding areas, they found nothing of any note save for two heavily damaged metal cages, roughly 2 m x 1 m x 1 m in size, and returned to Site-19 to deliver their report.

Addendum-1: The following pictures of the document recovered along with Agent Byrd's body (Document-WP-1) were taken by Agent Liasi at the scene of recovery.

Whole document:
docWM1.jpgTop (detail):
docWM2.jpgBottom (detail):

The document is written in a script bearing little resemblance to any known reference samples, although superficial analysis does lend credibility to the hypothesis that it is a form of language. The glyph circled is labelled 'Seen this on crates'. It is theorized that the 'crates' referred to here and in the transmission are, or are related to, the metal cages found by MTF Chi-1.

Addendum-2: The flash drive contained a file titled 'OUTPUT-3121.txt'. The contents of the file appear to be a machine translation of Document-WP-1. A copy is provided below.

KEY: <NO EQUIVALENT>, <NEQ> - translation not possible, (?) - approximate or idiomatic translation

Status of the second operation <NO EQUIVALENT> as of 99FG5.
Processing of entities has accelerated, owing to an increased need for derivative 3. Approximately 1000 entities have been processed this month(?), for an output of 130 <NEQ> of substance.
Entity restraint and control continues to be a barrier to large scale production, especially given entities' extreme resistance to <NEQ> bodily poisons. Substance 34 has proven somewhat effective in pacifying entities, however physical incapacitation using appendages still remains the primary method of control.
Processors(?) are reminded that permanently pacifying entities is now a Level-16 offense due to current conditions. Entities are to be kept alive at all costs. For this purpose a delivery of Substance 91, a high-activity stimulant, will be made shortly.
Processors are also warned not to come into contact with any fluid or solid exuded by the entities. Most are highly toxic and exposure can lead to death within minutes. Ensure that entities not being immediately taken for processing are fitted with the standard restriction devices to prevent any contamination. Furthermore processors should stand at least 60 <NEQ> away from entity processing equipment when active as poisonous substances are likely to leak, especially from seals 1 through 18.
Several requests have been made for raw entities to be made available to beings on <NEQ>, in addition to the derivative. These requests are being assessed for feasibility. In this case further processors will be required and transport arrangements will be made.

No subsequent activity has been detected at the warehouse in New York, nor have any more transmissions to [REDACTED] been detected. However, the Overseers are adamant that if these operations are continuing, terminating them is a top priority, as is recovering any items worthy of SCP classification. As such they have authorized raids, disguised as [REDACTED], on several similar businesses throughout North America as a preemptive measure.

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