Incident Report KAF-09
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Personnel Involved: Agent S████, Agent F███

Date: ██/██/████

Location: ███████, Austria

Description: Following up on reports of anomalous activity in the area, Agents S████ and F███ were dispatched to the town of ███████, Austria. Upon arrival, it became apparent that a local resident (██████ █████, formerly a traveling salesman) had spontaneously transformed into a large, unidentified organism resembling an insect. The subject has a hard, though not impenetrable exoskeleton and displays anatomical segmentation similar to that of an arthropod. Notably, the subject appears to have retained most of the cognitive capacity and memories of his previous human form. The subject is capable of vocalizing, however his vocalizations have thus far been impossible to translate into recognizable speech; it is theorized the subject no longer possesses the necessary oral and laryngeal structure to produce human speech. An apple is lodged into the dorsal portion of the subjects exoskeleton (upon investigation, determined to be the result of a violent incident with the subject's father), causing it significant ailment. Researchers are working to determine whether or nor the apple can be removed without causing further injury.

The subject's family and several other witnesses have been dosed with class B amnestics. The organism is currently under containment, awaiting classification. The mechanism by which its metamorphosis occurred has yet to be determined.

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