Incident Report I741-A
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SCP involved: SCP-741

Date: ██/███/████

Location: [REDACTED]

Preamble: Two previous dives to the site of SCP-741 have reported numerous anomalous findings, including the artifact (SCP-741-1) inside the reactor. A third dive has been arranged to investigate the anomalies outside the submarine itself.

Divers are based off the icebreaker Yamal; ostensibly they are investigating the possibility of lost torpedo or missile warheads from K-141 Kursk. Even their cover mission is classified to minimize questioning. A 40 km exclusion zone has been established around the site via securite calls, no civil shipping is in the area.

Audio Logs
Log begins ██/███/████ @ 0937
A27: Yamal control, I have the sub in sight now.
Yamal control: Acknowledged, A27.
A26: A27, get a look at that.
A29: What the hell?
A27: Very odd. I'm taking some photos.
A30: That's not the only weird thing, either. Take a look at that hole - did you see something move?
A26: Probably just a giant isopod, they're everywhere down here. Maybe a spider crab.
A30: You're right, I'm just twitchy.
Yamal control: You're go for active ops. Say again, sonar and lights are go.
A27: Keep cool. Light 'em up.
A29: I'm lit. Moving toward the starboard-side breach now, no evidence of change since last survey. Wait… There's something glowing inside the hole. I'm moving closer to investigate.
A30: Be careful, watch the radiation.
A27: At normal background levels back here. Still, that does look like Cherenkov radiation.
A26: Beta emitter? A hunk of thorium or something?
Yamal control: A29, your neutron counter's beginning to register something. Forty, fifty counts per second, not much, but it's neutrons.
Unknown voice: Vasily, Yevgeny, can you hear me?
A29: What the flying hell is that? A30, are you seeing this?
A30: Oh my God…
A26: Is that a person? Not possible, just not damned possible!
A27: Everybody, check nitrogen levels, this must be nitrogen narcosis.
A29: All of us?
Unknown voice: Help me, it's getting hard to breathe.
A29: It's gone? This doesn't make any sense…
Yamal control: What was that? Who else is talking here?
A27: I can't explain it, we just saw, well, something here.
A26: I guess that's why they call it Euclid. Some things you just can't get used to.

Addendum: Previous dives have recorded unintelligible mumbling and strange lights, but this was the first time any intelligible speech has been recorded.

Log resumes, ██/███/████ @ 0959
A30: Guys, we've got a visitor…
A29: Squid!
A26: Huh. Weird. Keep your distance.
A27: That's a bloody big one. He must be what, five, almost six meters?
A26: Near to that, yeah. Still, never heard of one attacking somebody.
A27: Noted. Continue investigation. A29, check out that weird husk down there, A30, look at that shell, see if you can get me some closer photos. It's familiar, somehow.
A26: I'm going to swim up forward and check out the torpedo tubes.
A27: Roger.
Yamal control: How big is that shell? From the photos you beamed us, our marine biologist thinks it's a [REDACTED]. If you can haul that shell up here, we'd like to have a look. Just be careful [DATA EXPUNGED]
A27: 30, 29, can you attach a haul cable to that shell?
A30: Can do.
(The divers work in silence for about five minutes)
A26: Curious bastard, aren't you?
A27: Eh?
A26: That squid's over here…. AAARGH!
A27: 26? What happened?
A30: I see blood.
A27: Yamal, reel him in! Reel him in!
Yamal control: We have him, what's going on?
A27: 26 has been attacked!
Yamal control: We're going to have to give him decompression time.
A27: Don't bother, that squid's giving chase. Good lord, it's attacking again, it's tearing him to pieces, get him aboard now or he'll die!
Yamal control: Roger, maximum winch speed now, prepping the hyperbaric chamber. Get yourselves out of there fast, too.
A30: I see something else moving.
A27: Another squid?
A29: I don't think so, dunno what the hell that was, didn't get a good look at it.
A27: Lights off, full abort, prepare to surface.
A29: Roger.
A30: Roger.
Yamal control: Start your ascent, we'll take in slack.
A27: Do you have him?
Yamal control: We've got him. He's alive but unconscious, they're prepping for emergency surgery now. Those bites are pretty bad.

Addendum: Yamal successfully recovered all four divers along with the shell. Analysis of the shell shows remarkable similarity with extinct orthoconic nautiloids. The shell was devoid of tissue, but was not fossilized. The significance of this finding is still being investigated.

Diver A26 remains in critical condition after the loss of a limb and exposure to venom of unknown composition. A26's camera was destroyed, but most of the photos were transmitted to Yamal via the fiber optic Ethernet link. Photos of the "ghostly" phenomenon remain classified and have been sent to [REDACTED] for further study, along with Geiger and neutron counter readings from the same time.

Future dive missions have not been ruled out. Since squid are not known to attack humans normally, much less without provocation, it is considered probable that some other phenomenon is at work here. Future divers will be warned to treat all potentially dangerous sea life as an immediate hazard and take appropriate precautions.

End Incident Report I741-A

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