Incident Report I 028 F
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Incident Report: I-028-F

SCP involved: SCP-028

Personnel involved: Agent Stebritz, Security Officers Gomez and Bishop, D-1437

Date: ██/██/████

Location: Site █

Description: I was assigned the duty of bi-weekly inspection of Site █, and arrived shortly after 12:00 noon. Officer Bishop was stationed in the security checkpoint outside the front gate, while Officer Gomez was stationed at the door to the room where SCP-028 is held. D-1437 was going about his duties cleaning the facility. I checked everything as per usual, and was done with the inspection by 3:15. Transportation back to my hotel room was scheduled to come back at 4:00, so I pulled up a chair in one of the offices in the building and started reading a book to pass the time.

A little after 3:30 PM, a group of 3 high school students found their way to Site █ thinking that they could vandalize it without people noticing. Officer Bishop heard their spray paint and moved out to scare them away. About fifteen minutes later, they came back and started throwing rocks at Officer Bishop (probably thinking he was just some Rent-a-Cop). He called for Officer Gomez and they both moved to drive the kids off again. During the time that the facility was left unguarded, D-1437, during his daily rounds of sweeping the halls, saw that the room containing SCP-028 was left unguarded. He made his way into the seemingly empty room and stumbled unknowingly into SCP-028's area of effect.

Moments later, I heard screams coming from down the hall. I jumped up and ran to the room where I found D-1437 on his knees, screaming and crying. As soon as he saw me, he lunged for me and grabbed hold of my clothing. He repeatedly screamed, "It's killed all of them!", "It's unstoppable!", and "You don't know what it's capable of!", along with other incomprehensible blabbering. I managed to get him to calm down enough to form one complete statement. He looked me in the eye and said:

D-1437: You HAVE to do everything you can to stop it or it will be the end of everything we know!
Myself: What are you talking about? What will be the end of what?
D-1437: At Site 19… number Fift… (His face went blank and almost looked bewildered.)
Myself: …Number what?
D-1437: …What the fuck are you doing holding me? Get the fuck off! (At this point he pushes me away and stands up.)
Myself: What do you mean 'what am I doing'? You were screaming bloody murder in here.
D-1437: The hell are you talkin' about? I was just seein' what was in this room!

At this point, Officers Gomez and Bishop return. After asking us what we were doing in there, I asked them what they were doing not guarding the facility. They explained and I led D-1437 back to the office I was in before. I sat D-1437 down and cuffed his hands, then contacted SCP Command to come pick D-1437 up. They arrived ten minutes later. As they were walking D-1437 away, he yelled "The room was empty! There was nothing in there!"

Personal note: D-1437 was on death row for multiple counts of murder, along with several other less severe crimes. One, how did he manage to get a JANITORIAL job working with a Safe-level SCP? Two, what knowledge could have possibly been implanted into his mind to scare him so bad? Three, why was he only affected by this knowledge for no more than a minute?


Document# 028-01: Interrogation of D-1437

Agent ████: Why did you go into that room?
D-1437: I saw that no one was guarding it, and I was curious. I don't see what the big deal is, it's just an empty room.
Agent ████: You don't remember anything strange happening in that room?
D-1437: Other than that dude suddenly latchin' on to me, no.
Agent ████: No sudden inspirations or revelations?
D-1437: Yeah, actually. That dude's gay.
Agent ████: Alright.
D-1437: Look, I don't know what the big deal is. There's nothin' but air in that room.
Agent ████: Then why were you screaming?
D-1437: I wasn't! I was in the room for like ten seconds!
Agent ████: According to Agent Stebritz, you were in there for almost a minute yelling about something that will kill everyone.
D-1437: What? That's bullshit! It couldn't have been more than fifteen seconds I was in there!
Agent ████: And you're sure about that?
D-1437: Of course! Your Agent's a damn moron!
Agent ████: Okay then, excuse me. (Agent ████ exits the room.)

D-1437 terminated at first of the month as per protocol.

The SCP D-1437 referenced is unknown at this time, but efforts are being put forth to find it. Site 19 security has been tightened, but no sign of such a threat has been found.

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