Incident Report 334-2178
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Background: Following the events that occurred as outlined in Incident Report 7154-411314, a new containment cell was constructed for SCP-334, at the newly-constructed Site-1525, in northern South Africa. Transfer of SCP-334 to Site-1525 was completed in November of 2013, joining several other anomalous items in temporary or permanent containment.

On January 15, 2014, Site-1525 was attacked by agents of the Chaos Insurgency, aided by use of at least four anomalous items of their own (see File Report 1525-22525 for further details). During this series of events, SCP-334 breached containment and had to be recaptured in the South African wilderness.

Incident Details: Early in their attack on Site-1525, CI agents managed to cut electricity site-wide, including to site containment. Emergency generators could not produce enough electricity to power its containment cell before SCP-334 burned its way through the walls of its cell. SCP-334 attempted to flee the site, but quickly met a small group of CI agents. An anomalous item carried by the CI agents changed the composition of SCP-334 from plasma to metal, but SCP-334 was able to escape from Site-1525 shortly thereafter.

Once the attackers were neutralized and Site-1525 was secured, recapture of SCP-334 commenced. Recontainment specialists determined that recapture of SCP-334 would be quickest if local civilians were utilized, particularly companies that provided guided tours of the area. Their local knowledge proved invaluable, as SCP-334 was recaptured less than 72 hours after Site-1525 was secured. Civilian assets and witnesses were administered amnestics as necessary. SCP-334 returned to its original composition eight days after recapture.

In addition to hardening of defenses and reinforcement of containment measures at Site-1525, one unusual result of this incident was the creation of a long-form musical composition based on the escape and recapture of SCP-334. Ever since its wildly popular debut, performances of the Chrome Firefox Safari Opera are routinely standing-room only.

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