Incident Report 307
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SCP involved: SCP-307

Date: ██/██/████

Location: Bio-Research Area ██

Description: Incident log as compiled by Agent "Apocalemur", agent in charge of containment and research on SCP-307

The following is a description of security camera footage from SCP-307's containment cell on the morning of ██ ███████, 20██

8:01:01 am: Closeup observation camera in SCP-307's hydroponic chamber goes offline.

8:12:19 am: Personnel D-104 and D-127 enter SCP-307's containment cell to repair camera.

8:13:02 am: D-104 begins transfer of SCP-307 to secure lockbox as per protocol.

8:13:42 am: D-104 places SCP-307 in secure lockbox.

8:13:44 am: D-104 freezes in place.

8:13:47 am: D-127 is heard to inquire as to D-104's well-being.

8:13:50 am: D-127 begins fumbling with his flamethrower, seemingly in a state of panic.

8:13:51 am: A vine from SCP-307 (Vine A) is seen to grow in D-127's direction.

8:13:55 am: Personnel ████████ activates security saws in SCP-307's planter. Vine appears unaffected.

8:14:00 am: The gas line of D-127's flamethrower is severed by one of SCP-307's thorns.

8:14:02 am: D-127 flees the room in panic. SCP-307 does not attempt to pursue.

8:14:15 am: D-104 falls over, limp. Presumed dead at this point. A second vine (Vine B) is visible hanging over the edge of the lockbox.

8:14:21 am: Vines begin to grow in the direction of the door to the holding cell.

8:14:24 am: Emergency saws are again activated. Vine B is severed; Vine A is not.

8:14:30 am: Vine A begins growing in direction of Security Camera 1

8:14:51 am: Security Camera 1 goes offline. Security Camera 2 remains online.

8:15:33 am: Three D-class personnel enter containment cell.

8:15:36 am: Vine A assumes position similar to defensive posture of a cobra.

8:15:41 am: Unidentified D-class personnel sets fire to Vine A.

8:15:43 am: Emergency saws are activated again. Vine A is severed.

8:15:46 am: Same D-class personnel manages to close lockbox. Other two remove D-104's body.

8:30:02 am: Autopsy begins on D-104.

Autopsy results revealed Vine B had entered a small hole next to the face plate on Personnel D-104's insulating body suit. Personnel's body was found to be in a state similar to that of the mouse described in Document 307-A. No internal structure aside from skeleton could be found, replaced by an elaborate network of roots, all connected to a seed located in D-104's skull. A pair of shoots had begun to sprout in the direction of the eye sockets. D-104 was summarily incinerated.

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