Incident Report 023-026
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SCP involved: SCP-023

Personnel involved: Dr. ████████, 5 D-Class personnel

Date: ██/██/██ - ██/██/██

Location: Site ██


In an attempt to curtail the danger posed by SCP-023, Dr. ████████ has approved the removal of both 023's eyes and teeth. Immediately after both its eyes were removed, SCP-023 breached security by vanishing completely. SCP-023 was re-obtained on a stretch of Interstate ███ at 4:37 P.M., and brought back into containment, where D-Class personnel finished pulling out its teeth. While the total number of civilians exposed to SCP-023 during this period is unknown, death record monitoring has tied 9 civilian deaths to this incident.

Timestamps confirmed over the course of the next 48 hours that SCP-023 vanished only while the sun was visible in the sky from outside Site-██.


As of ██/██/████, Dr. ████████ has been suspended pending disciplinary review for contributing to, if not being directly responsible for, Incident-023-026. Dr. ████ is now in charge of SCP-023.

The increased difficulties in containment that have been incurred as a result of Dr. ████████ should serve to remind all personnel of The Foundation's purpose. Secure, Contain, and Protect. Research, experimentation, convenience, and even the safety of Foundation personnel are secondary concerns. We are not working to protect ourselves.


Addendum-023-026-2: A total of █ bodies with a time of death exactly one year after Incident 023-26 have been identified as consistent with SCP-023 exposure.

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